Articles by Paul Hughes

Iran Says Nuclear Deal Reached

  • 27 February 06
  • Reuters
Iran has reached a ""basic"" agreement with Russia on jointly enriching uranium, officials said Sunday -- but there was no immediate sign that it would suspend homegrown enrichment to allay fears that it is developing nuclear weapons.

Iran 'Unconcerned' by Possible U.S. Threats

  • 19 January 05
  • Reuters
Iran has the military might to deter attacks against it, its defense minister said in remarks published Tuesday, one day after U.S. President George W. Bush said he would not rule out military action against Iran.

Iran May Prosecute Seized British Sailors

  • 23 June 04
  • Reuters
Iranian state television said Tuesday that Iran would prosecute eight British sailors seized in its waters, a move likely to fan a minor border incident into a diplomatic crisis.

Iran's Reformers May Have to Resign

  • 14 January 04
  • Reuters
A top Iranian official has warned the reformist government may be forced to resign if it cannot overturn a decision to ban hundreds of liberal candidates from running for parliament, the official IRNA news agency reported Tuesday.

Iran Denies Hiding Nukes at Secret Site

  • 15 October 03
  • Reuters
Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, denied claims Tuesday that Iran was hiding a nuclear site from the IAEA.

Iran Finds 38 Billion Barrels of Crude

  • 16 July 03
  • Reuters
Iran has made a major new oil find containing estimated reserves of more than 38 billion barrels, making it one of the world's biggest undeveloped fields, a senior oil official was quoted as saying.

Iran Agrees to 'Active' Cooperation With IAEA

  • 23 June 03
  • Reuters
The head of Iran's atomic energy program said Saturday that his country was ready to cooperate more actively with the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency to dispel doubts about the Islamic Republic's nuclear ambitions.

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