Articles by Richard Mably

Energy Giants Join Race For Government Funds

  • 08 October 08
  • Reuters
Four major energy companies have asked the government to lend state money on market terms to help refinance foreign debt and buy new assets abroad as they become cheaper, a top oil executive said on Tuesday.

LUKoil Freezes Foreign Expansion Plans

  • 24 May 05
  • Reuters
Oil major LUKoil has suspended talks on buying foreign refineries, including in Germany, because high operating margins have raised asset prices too high, a senior LUKoil executive said Monday.

Oil Prices Take Toll on World Economy

  • 13 October 04
  • Reuters
High oil prices are beginning to slow the world economy and encourage fuel efficiencies in China, the International Energy Agency said Tuesday.

Oil Price Reaching New Heights

  • 16 August 04
  • Reuters
Fears of an oil shock deepened on Friday as crude set new highs, underpinned by fresh evidence of strong Chinese demand and worries about sabotage in Iraq.

LUKoil Tapped for Slice of Iraq's Postwar Oil Pie

  • 07 April 03
  • Reuters
Iraqi exiles and senior U.S. officials agreed on Saturday that international oil companies, including LUKoil, should take a leading postwar role in reviving Iraq's oil industry, delegates to a policy meeting said.

RIIA Sees 5-Year Delay to Iraq Oil Boom

  • 04 April 03
  • Reuters
Iraqi oil nationalism and the high political risk attached to big-ticket investments are set to delay a post-war Iraq oil boom for years.

Saudis to Rein in Oil Production

  • 20 November 02
  • Reuters
OPEC power Saudi Arabia has changed tack on output policy and is leading a drive aimed at reining in overproduction to help stem a slide in world oil prices, industry and OPEC sources said Tuesday.

Oil Dives 10% in Spat Over Output

  • 15 November 01
  • Reuters
Oil prices plummeted 10 percent Wednesday as OPEC deferred new output curbs.

OPEC Set to Gamble With Oil Output Cut

  • 13 November 01
  • Reuters
Like a dogged gambler, OPEC is set for one last roll of the dice in the hope of rediscovering its magic touch on oil prices.

Oil Sinks Below $20 To Reach 1999 Prices

  • 05 November 01
  • Reuters
Oil prices faltered again Friday, diving to below $20 a barrel for the first time in more than two years as evidence piled up of an economic downturn that has left OPEC largely powerless to check the market's slide.

Saudis Vow Increase, Oil Prices Tumble

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Oil Prices Drop Below $10

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