Articles by Aleksandras Budrys

Aeroflot Subsidiary Dobrolyot to Start Budget Flights in July

Dobrolyot, Russia's new low-cost airline and a subsidiary of flag carrier Aeroflot, is expected to obtain all the permits and aircraft necessary to start charter flight operations in July this year, Vedomosti reported Wednesday. The company plans its first flights to St. Petersburg, Samara, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg.

Russian Wheat Faces Slog to Satisfy Asian Tastes

  • 17 March 10
  • Reuters
Russia's ambition to grab a slice of Asia's lucrative wheat business will take longer than the planned two or three years because transportation hurdles and consumer reluctance to adapt to new supplies will slow Moscow's campaign, traders and analysts said.

Alfa Bank Fires Volley In War With Deripaska

  • 25 September 09
  • Reuters
The lender owned by billionaire Mikhail Fridman demanded the bankruptcy of two RusAl units, the latest round of an ongoing feud between the two as Deripaska's companies continue protracted talks to restructure their debts.

State Plans To Restore Export Tax On Nickel

  • 21 August 09
  • Reuters
Returning to a base rate of 5 percent could bring in $140 million for the state each year for the next three years.

Deripaska, Potanin Proffer Deal on Metals Champion

  • 20 January 09
  • Reuters
Two metals billionaires have proposed the creation of a mining giant part-owned by the Kremlin that would wipe out existing debts and rival the world’s top miners, a spokeswoman for Vladimir Potanin said Monday.

Falling Nickel Prices Slash Norilsk's Profit

  • 06 October 08
  • Reuters
Norilsk Nickel's net profit fell by one-third in the first half of the year as the world's largest nickel miner succumbed to rampant inflation in Russia and a 40 percent decline in the price of the metal.

Potanin for Spinoff of Norilsk Power Assets

  • 02 June 08
  • Reuters
Vladimir Potanin, the largest shareholder in Norilsk Nickel, is in favor of spinning off $7 billion of noncore power assets from the metals giant, supporting another large stakeholder.

Potanin-Led Boycott Blocks Polyus Deal

  • 19 December 07
  • Reuters
Board members of Polyus Gold on Tuesday failed to approve carving out of some of its exploration assets because of a lack of a quorum, a Polyus statement showed.

Potanin-Led Boycott Blocks Polyus Deal

  • 19 December 07
  • Reuters
Board members of Polyus Gold on Tuesday failed to approve carving out of some of its exploration assets because of a lack of a quorum, a Polyus statement showed.

Officials Mull New Wheat Tax

  • 22 October 07
  • Reuters
The government plans to slap a prohibitive tariff on wheat exports in a move analysts say could cause an abrupt rise in world prices.

EU Fails to End Ban on Meat

  • 14 March 07
  • Reuters
The European Union has failed to persuade Russia to end a ban on Polish meat and plant product imports, the head of the government's animal and plant health watchdog said Tuesday.

RusAl Names Liaison For Kremlin Relations

  • 04 October 06
  • Reuters
Former customs head Valery Draganov will work with the Kremlin as RusAl readies for a $30 billion merger with rival SUAL.

Blaze in Chita Mine Traps 30

  • 08 September 06
  • Reuters
Rescuers battled thick smoke and blistering temperatures Thursday as they tried to reach more than 30 miners trapped underground by a fire at a gold mine in eastern Siberia.

Lobby: Argentine Beef Ban to Push Up Prices

  • 13 March 06
  • Reuters
Argentina's decision to suspend beef exports to tame inflation may hit Russia, pushing prices up and hurting meat processing firms, the head of the country's meat industry lobby said Friday.

Avian Flu Virus Reaches Another Siberian Region

  • 25 August 05
  • Reuters
The bird flu virus, which has swept six Russian regions, has been found in a wild duck in another Siberian province, officials said on Wednesday, but Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev said that its spread had been curbed.

Virus Found in 2 More Regions

  • 08 August 05
  • Reuters
Bird flu has been officially confirmed in two more regions, and the disease appears to spreading in northern Kazakhstan, officials said Friday.

Ministry: Bird Flu a Large Risk

  • 04 August 05
  • Reuters
A strain of the bird flu virus dangerous to humans that was found in Siberia may spread to the heavily populated European part of Russia, where the main poultry farms are located, the Emergency Situations Ministry said Wednesday.

Deadline on Plant Imports Extended

  • 04 July 05
  • Reuters
The Agriculture Ministry said on Friday that there would be no halt in plant imports from the European Union, although not all 25 countries of the bloc had met the deadline to present new safety certificates.

Sugar Imports Expected to Fall

  • 03 March 05
  • Reuters
Russia, the world's top raw sugar importer, could buy less sugar in 2005 than last year because of a falling population, a bigger domestic crop, dwindling stocks and changing lifestyles, analysts said.

New EU Plant Certificates Face Delay

  • 16 February 05
  • Reuters
Russia and the European Union are looking at possibly postponing the April 1 introduction of a new certificate to accompany exports of EU plant products to Russia, Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev told reporters Tuesday.

State Plans $175M Grain Intervention

  • 07 December 04
  • Reuters
The government has set the prices at which it intends to start buying grain on the domestic market, but analysts said the prices were too low to create significant intervention stocks.

Europe Bracing for Russian Grain Flood

  • 30 August 04
  • Reuters
The country is set to flood Western Europe and beyond with millions of tons of grain after a dire 2003 season, but fellow Black Sea producer Ukraine will probably fall short of targets.

Norilsk '03 Net Soars to $861M

  • 03 June 04
  • Reuters
Metals giant Norilsk Nickel announced a 47 percent jump in 2003 earnings on Wednesday, bolstered by higher world metals prices, but profit lagged forecasts and its shares sagged.

Kazakh Metals Giant Plans IPO

  • 02 June 04
  • Reuters
Kazakhstan's copper monopoly Kazakhmys said Tuesday it targeted higher refined copper output this year and planned an initial public offering in London within eight to 10 months.

Beef, Pork And Poultry Quotas Set For 2004

  • 03 December 03
  • Reuters
Russia set meat import quotas for 2004 Tuesday as part of a policy to cut food imports and encourage domestic livestock breeding, which the industry said was only partly successful so far.

Grain Exports to Be Restricted After a Dismal Harvest Season

  • 20 November 03
  • Reuters
The government will impose tariffs on grain exports this agricultural year if overseas sales exceed the planned 5 million tons, the agriculture minister said on Wednesday.

Investor Moves to Flush Out UES Buyer

  • 06 February 03
  • Reuters
A Russian investor on the board of utility Unified Energy Systems pledged on Wednesday to expose a ""mystery buyer"" accumulating UES shares.

Russia Set for EU Grain Fight

  • 28 November 02
  • Reuters
Russia hopes to persuade the European Union to soften planned curbs on grain imports, but it is also preparing legal mechanisms that would enable it to retaliate, a senior government official said Wednesday.

Grain Exports to Grow 50%

  • 14 October 02
  • Reuters
Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev said Friday that Russia would export 50 percent more grain this year than it did last year.

State Plans $200M Grain Intervention

  • 30 August 02
  • Reuters
The government plans to intervene in the grain market in October, buying wheat and rye from local producers to prop up falling prices, Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev said Thursday.