Articles by Konstantin Preobrazhensky

Academy of Spyences

Over the last year, Russia has taken one step after another in the direction of becoming a police state.

Back to the Past

The takeover of NTV was the culmination of a concerted attack by President Vladimir Putin on freedom of speech that has been going on since he first became prime minister.

FSB in Charge

The true mission of the FSB, apparently, is to help the military cover up what has really happened in Chechnya over the last 18 months.

Dishing Out the Dirt

Militarism and spy-mania in Russia are on the increase. The word ""arrest"" appears constantly in the media.

I Am Afraid

Wednesday is Den chekista, a Stalin-era holiday to celebrate the secret police. The heirs of the KGB will celebrate. The rest of us, though, have little reason to celebrate.

The Wrong Sorts of Security

The Chechen war has come to Moscow, but the nation does not have the wherewithal for fighting terrorism.

Resurgent KGB

Holiday Unmasks Spies

Spy Case Smells Fishy

Spies Can't Spy Bombs

Nostalgic Spies Unite

Spymasters' Revenge?

Cheka Still Going at 81

Ghost Of KGB Racism

Banking on a Spymaster

Korean War in Moscow

A New Era for the FSB

Aum's Secret Patrons

Recruiting at the Border

The Invention of Spies

Dreams of Dictatorship

To Catch Spy by Phone

Manipulating the Press

Keeping Archives Secret

Well Kept Army Secret

New Tricks, Old KGB

To Catch a Spy With English Charm and Guile

Can FSB Be Reformed?