Articles by Denis Dyomkin

United Russia Told Their Power WonТt Last Forever

  • 21 August 09
  • Reuters
President Dmitry Medvedev told United Russia on Thursday to prepare for challenges to its rule, suggesting that the Kremlin was ready to ease its grip on the regions to try to defuse social tension.

Karimov Quells Russian Gas Fears

  • 26 January 09
  • Reuters
Uzbek President Islam Karimov pledged Friday to support a new trans-Russian gas pipeline, easing MoscowТs fears that it would succumb to European pressure to bypass Russia with its energy supplies and reduce its influence in the region.

Russian Computer Game Simulates Georgian War

  • 24 November 08
  • Reuters
A Russian computer game simulating a new war between Russia and Georgia, in which NATO-member Poland backs a fresh bid by Tbilisi to take back its rebel regions, is to hit shops soon.

Putin, Gadhafi Hold Nuclear Reactor Talks

  • 05 November 08
  • and Salah Sarrar
Russia and Libya are negotiating a deal under which Moscow would build nuclear research reactors for the North African state and supply fuel, officials said Saturday.

Gazprom, RusAl Sign Vietnamese Deals

  • 28 October 08
  • Reuters
Gazprom and United Company RusAl signed deals Monday to participate in natural resources projects in Vietnam as the Kremlin aims to triple annual trade between the countries to $3 billion.

Medvedev Promises New Subs

  • 26 September 08
  • Reuters
President Dmitry Medvedev said Thursday that plans to modernize its armed forces will not be affected by the current financial crisis.

Kiev Seeks Joint Talks On Gas Trade, WTO

  • 26 May 08
  • Reuters
Ukraine said Friday that it would hold talks on Russian natural gas supplies with Moscow simultaneously with negotiations on RussiaТs membership in the World Trade Organization.

Fishy Business Inflates Prices in Vladivostok

  • 13 April 06
  • Reuters
The saury fish on supermarket shelves in this port city on Russia's Pacific seaboard is caught off the coast and processed on the doorstep, but costs less to buy seven time zones away in Moscow.

Kremlin Regains Foothold in Asia

  • 19 October 04
  • Reuters
Russia joined a club of Central Asian states Monday with the aim of regaining lost influence in the oil-rich ex-Soviet region, a day after Moscow opened its biggest military base abroad in Tajikistan.

Russia Makes New Move Against Gusinsky

  • 19 January 01
  • Reuters
Prosecutors ordered the seizure Friday of Vladimir Gusinsky's suburban Moscow villa, stepping up pressure by the Kremlin and creditors on the embattled Russian media magnate.

Gazprom in Bid for NTV Shares

  • 17 January 01
  • Reuters
A race for control of Russia's only national private television network NTV heated up Wednesday, with a unit of gas giant Gazprom launching legal action to take over 19 percent of its shares.

Shoigu Sent to Far East to Tackle Heating Woes

  • 07 December 00
  • Reuters
Sergei Shoigu went to the Far East to find out why 90,000 people have been without heat for weeks.

Envoy to Freezing Far East

  • 06 December 00
  • Reuters
Moscow dispatched a 50-strong task force headed by a government minister to Russia's Pacific coast region Wednesday to find out why 90,000 people have been without heat in their apartments for weeks.

Frigid Primorye to Get Cash for Heat

  • 29 November 00
  • Reuters
Moscow has relented in a war of words with regional bosses in the Primorye region and rushed money to provide heat to thousands of people shivering in sub-zero temperatures.

Moscow Warms Freezing Far East

  • 28 November 00
  • Reuters
Moscow on Tuesday relented in a war of words with regional bosses in its freezing far eastern Primorsk province and rushed money to provide heat to thousands of people shivering in sub-zero temperatures.

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