Articles by Belinda Goldsmith

Australia Hunts for Spy's Shoe

  • 08 April 04
  • Reuters
The hunt for a red shoe has put Australia's greatest spy scandal back in the public spotlight after 50 years.

Bush's Australia Visit Marred by Hecklers

  • 24 October 03
  • Reuters
Heckled inside the Australian parliament and jeered by protesters outside, President George W. Bush on Thursday defended the Iraq invasion and war on terror, saying Australia and the United States had to lead by example.

Australian Scientists 'Teleport' Laser Beam

  • 18 June 02
  • Reuters
In a world breakthrough out of the realms of Star Trek, scientists in Australia have successfully teleported a laser beam of light from one spot to another in a split second but warn: Don't sell your car just yet.

OPEC Hopeful Russia Will Prolong Oil Cuts

  • 20 February 02
  • Reuters
OPEC is to lobby Russia into prolonging its curb on exports despite opposition by Russian oil companies.

Hunger Strike Puts Australia on the Spot

  • 23 January 02
  • Reuters
The Australian government came under mounting pressure Tuesday not to detain children in its controversial camps for illegal immigrants after several teenagers sewed up their lips during a hunger strike.

Australians Set to Give Howard Another Shot

  • 10 November 01
  • Reuters
Australia goes to the polls Saturday for a cliffhanger general election with conservative Prime Minister John Howard hoping his hard line against boat people will win him a third term.

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