Articles by Adrian Croft

Envoy Says Russia and Britain Can Repair Ties

  • 19 May 08
  • Reuters
RussiaТs ambassador to London voiced optimism that Уlimited damageФ done to ties by the murder of former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko in Britain could easily be repaired given mutual goodwill.

Lebanese Protest Blair's Arrival

  • 12 September 06
  • Reuters
A crowd of around 2,000 protests the British prime minister for his support in Israel's war in Lebanon.

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EU Considers Change in Anti-Dumping Policy

Jet Racer Outruns Sound On Land

San Francisco Traffic Grinds To a Halt as Bicyclists Protest

U.S. Companies Report Rise in Computer Crime

Gorbachev: 'Geopolitical Games' Pose Nuclear Risk

California Approves 'Castration' Bill