Articles by Marina Babkina

Lukashenko Strikes at Business

  • 15 January 02
  • The Associated Press
Nine Belarussian executives face charges in an anti-corruption campaign led by President Lukashenko.

Lukashenko Celebrates Liberation

  • 04 July 01
  • The Associated Press
While Belarus celebrated the anniversary of the end of Nazi occupation, President Alexander Lukashenko accused forces in the West of trying to pull Europe into a new conflict.

Belarus Clamps Down on Support For NGOs

  • 16 March 01
  • The Associated Press
Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko Thursday issued strict new guidelines for non-governmental organizations receiving foreign aid, in what opposition leaders said was an effort to stamp out any competition in upcoming presidential elections.

Ukraine Given 10-Year Reprieve for Gas Debts

  • 02 December 00
  • The Associated Press
Russia agreed to give Ukraine a 10-year reprieve in paying off its mammoth natural gas debt in exchange for a promise to end the siphoning of Russian gas supplied to the West.

Former Soviet Republic Leaders Hold Summit

  • 01 December 00
  • The Associated Press
Leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States, an alliance of 12 former Soviet republics, held a summit in the Belarusian capital on Friday amid bitter criticism of the group's low effectiveness.

Russia Relieves Ukraine of Gas Debt

  • 01 December 00
  • The Associated Press
Russia on Friday agreed to give Ukraine a 10-year reprieve in paying off its mammoth natural gas debt in exchange for a promise to end the siphoning of Russian gas supplied to the West via Ukrainian territory.

Putin, Lukashenko Push Belarus-Russia Union Forward

  • 30 November 00
  • The Associated Press
MINSK — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday joined his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko in talks on strengthening the economic basis of their nations' union, including establishing a single currency. The two leaders were attending a meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Belarus-Russia Union, the body that governs the loose union. The union treaty, signed late last year, calls for the eventual merger of the two countries' currencies. Lukashenko, who wants a tighter merger with Russia, has long urged Moscow to move faster with introducing a single currency. But Russian officials have been wary, apparently because of Belarus' soaring inflation, unreformed Soviet-style economy, and deep poverty. Still, the ITAR-Tass news agency quoted Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov as saying Thursday that the union leaders would sign ""the most important documents connected with the introduction of a single currency ... and with the creation of necessary conditions for this.

Lukashenko Accuses West of Conspiracy

  • 29 November 00
  • The Associated Press
Leaders of the opposition to authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko on Wednesday dismissed his claim that they were financed by the West and said his outburst signaled his plans to step up repression.

Belarus Opposition Contests Turnout

  • 17 October 00
  • The Associated Press
Belarusian opposition leaders Monday challenged the claim that voter turnout had exceeded 50 percent.

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