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Quirky, Inspired Music From Soviet Survivors

Posledny Shans, Kisunia & Krysunia/Kofeinia (Solyd) In the absurd and wonderful world of Soviet culture and counterculture, the strangest things take place. Like Posledny Shans, or Last Chance, an underground band that performs nursery-rhyme songs. Guided by dissident writer Yevgeny Kharitonov and musically led by the very talented singer-songwriter Vladimir Schukin, the band started in the mid-1970s playing at events for children and in movie theaters showing cartoons. However, they quickly acquired a cult following with adult intellectuals thanks to their very smart lyrics, which always appeared very naive, at least on the surface, but in fact had great puns and double entendres. Another pull was their hilarious live show, which combined elements of musical clownage, theater of the absurd and rock 'n' roll chaos. Before Zvuki Mu hit the stage in the mid-1980s, Last Chance was by far the wildest show in the Soviet Union.

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