Articles by Kathy Gannon

Israel Vows to Strengthen Offensive

  • 01 August 06
  • The Associated Press
Despite a 48-hour halt in airstrikes, an immediate cease-fire seems unlikely.

Azeris Look to Political Islam

  • 04 May 06
  • The Associated Press
Iran's influence is increasing as frustration with the West grows.

Volunteers Give Proper Burials

  • 13 October 05
  • The Associated Press
With the smell of rotting corpses hanging in the air, six men in green turbans gathered before a body covered by a white shroud, spread their hands and whispered a prayer.

Replay of the Great Game in Central Asia

  • 18 August 05
  • The Associated Press
A new, post-Sept. 11 struggle for influence is pitting Russia and China against the United States, Central Asia analysts say.

Tehran Mayor Wins Iranian Elections

  • 27 June 05
  • The Associated Press
The first non-cleric to be elected president since 1979, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks of creating a modern, powerful Iran.

Uzbek's Return From the Grave

  • 14 June 05
  • The Associated Press
Qasimjan Ermatov had not been back to Uzbekistan since he was drafted into the Soviet Army in 1985 and sent to fight the U.S.-backed mujahedin in Afghanistan.

Going Home Via Terrorist Trails

  • 14 June 05
  • The Associated Press
They pay off Iranian mobsters and Tajik border guards, buy forged passports and visas for $300 a pop and rely on the whispered advice of an international network of Muslims who help militants slip undetected across borders from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan.

Islamic 'Farm Team' Growing

  • 04 May 05
  • The Associated Press
Abdullah Modmarov, 33, was in the middle of a soccer game when Uzbek police waving their rifles hauled him off the field and arrested him on charges of belonging to an outlawed radical Islamic party.

Afghanistan Taliban Back in Business

  • 08 April 03
  • The Associated Press
Ricardo Munguia, whose body was found with 20 bullet wounds last month, became the first foreign aid worker to die in Afghanistan since the Taliban's ouster from power 18 months ago.

Pakistan Arrests Suspected Sept. 11 Mastermind

  • 03 March 03
  • The Associated Press
U.S. authorities have taken the suspected mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks out of Pakistan to an undisclosed location after capturing him in a joint raid by CIA and Pakistani agents.

Pakistan Plot Suspects Head to Court

  • 17 December 02
  • The Associated Press
Three men suspected of plotting an attack on American diplomats appeared in court Monday, as U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca met with Pakistani officials to discuss the global war on terror.

Tape and Conversation Say Bin Laden Is Alive

  • 09 October 02
  • The Associated Press
Osama bin Laden is alive and plotting more attacks, according to a satellite telephone conversation reportedly intercepted over the weekend by U.S. and Afghan intelligence.

Powell: Kashmir Infiltration Is Down

  • 29 July 02
  • The Associated Press
U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday that Pakistan and India appeared to be inching toward talks that could lead to a lasting peace in the disputed Kashmir region.

Death Sentence for Pearl's Killer

  • 16 July 02
  • The Associated Press
A Pakistani judge on Monday convicted four Islamic militants in the kidnap-slaying of Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl.

Threats Drive Woman From Kabul Ministry

  • 25 June 02
  • The Associated Press
Afghanistan's former women's affairs minister fears for her own safety because of opposition to her by the country's powerful conservative religious establishment.

Discord Strikes Afghanistan's Loya Jirga

  • 17 June 02
  • The Associated Press
Shouting, fingerpointing and threats of a walkout by majority Pashtuns greeted attempts Sunday by Afghanistan's grand council to fashion a new legislature. The session was adjourned for the day without any decisions taken.

Musharraf: I Will Not Initiate War

  • 28 May 02
  • The Associated Press
Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf on Monday vowed not to start a war and condemned attacks in India as ""terrorist attacks,"" but promised to maintain his nation's support for what he called Kashmir's ""freedom struggle.""

Afghans Tell of Chechen Fighters

  • 06 March 02
  • The Associated Press
Two months ago, Arab and Chechen fighters showed up at Roseuddin's village, warning people to leave. The village now hosts some of the heaviest fighting of the Afghan war

U.S. Attacks Taliban Holdouts

  • 04 March 02
  • The Associated Press
U.S. bombers blasted the cavernous mountains of eastern Afghanistan for a third day Sunday, pressing a new offensive against al-Qaida and Taliban fighters believed to be regrouping there.

Police Suspect Briton In Pearl's Kidnapping

  • 08 February 02
  • The Associated Press
Pakistani police say a round-the-clock hunt for kidnapped American reporter Daniel Pearl is making ""significant progress"" and that a British-born Islamic militant freed by India in a hijacking two years ago has emerged as a key suspect.

U.S. Seals Caves as UN Begs for Aid

  • 16 January 02
  • The Associated Press
The U.S. military eased air strikes Tuesday on a mountain honeycombed with suspected terrorist hideouts, and the United Nations appealed for donor countries to provide money immediately to rebuild war-shattered Afghanistan.

Warlord Named to Defense Post

  • 25 December 01
  • The Associated Press
New Prime Minister Hamid Karzai quickly went to work trying to heal Afghanistan's deep divisions, naming a key warlord as deputy defense minister Monday in an apparent compromise to unite the country's often-feuding factions.

Battle Rages Around Kandahar's Airport

  • 05 December 01
  • The Associated Press
Taliban fighters and members of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida militia were putting up fierce resistance against opposition Afghan forces outside Kandahar on Tuesday as a relentless U.S. bombing campaign continued, tribal leaders said.

Alliance: Kandahar Has Been Breached

  • 30 November 01
  • The Associated Press
Anti-Taliban forces were pushing into the Taliban's last stronghold of Kandahar on Thursday, and there was fighting on the city's eastern outskirts, the Northern Alliance deputy defense minister said. The report could not be independently verified.

America Tightens Taliban's Noose

The Taliban said Wednesday that its supreme leader was safe after F-16 jets and B-1B bombers attacked a compound in southern Afghanistan that the Pentagon said was being used by senior leaders of the Taliban and terrorist groups.

U.S. Marines Set Up Camp Outside Kandahar

  • 27 November 01
  • The Associated Press
Quickening the hunt for Osama bin Laden and top Taliban leaders, U.S. Marines landed Monday outside the southern city of Kandahar.

Kunduz Negotiates, 4 Western Journalists Killed

  • 20 November 01
  • The Associated Press
Backed by heavy U.S. bombardment, Northern Alliance troops advanced Monday on Kunduz, the last Taliban-held city in Afghanistan's north.

Northern Alliance Marches Into Kabul

  • 14 November 01
  • The Associated Press
Afghan opposition fighters rolled into Kabul Tuesday after Taliban troops left under cover of darkness.

Advancing Opposition Strikes Fear In Residents

  • 13 November 01
  • The Associated Press
Sitting hunched in a wooden chair outside his bicycle parts store in north Kabul, Saeed Abbas said he feared war would soon land on his doorstep. Bolstered by its victories in northern Afghanistan and the fall of the key cities of Mazar-i-Sharif and Herat, the opposition is now turning its sights on Kabul, the capital of this war-shattered country.

Opposition Claims Victories in North

  • 12 November 01
  • The Associated Press
Two days after a major victory in a key northern city, anti-Taliban forces claimed Sunday they were routing the Taliban throughout northern Afghanistan, capturing the former opposition headquarters of Taloqan and other major strongholds.