Articles by Burton Frierson

Dollar Hits 3-Year Low Versus Euro

  • 16 December 02
  • Reuters
The euro pounded the dollar down near three-year lows on Friday and the yen also took a swipe at the greenback as the market grew edgy ahead of key U.S. consumer data after a day of frayed nerves over Iraq and North Korea.

Language Law Puts Latvia in Quandary

  • 26 March 02
  • Reuters
A controversial Latvian language law has become an obstacle to Riga's bid to join NATO, which is seen as the best guarantee of the independence the nation regained in 1991.

Jailed Russians Await Riga Judicial Reform

  • 25 December 01
  • Reuters
Sixty percent of Latvia's juvenile inmates are in pre-trial detention awaiting their day in court.

Putsch Handed Baltics Instant Freedom

  • 17 August 01
  • Reuters
Ivars Godmanis knew something was wrong during a morning swim in the Baltic Sea on Aug. 19, 1991, then saw his interior minister standing in the sand.

Lithuanian-Russian Ties Haunted By Past

  • 11 January 01
  • Reuters
Ten years after leading his country's historic break with the Soviet Union, Lithuanian independence hero Vytautas Landsbergis says relations with Russia are still haunted by the past.

Riga Mayor Picked to Be Latvia's New Premier

Latvian Waffen SS Veterans to March Through Riga

Latvia Regulates to Get IMF Blessing

World Bank Demands Latvia Reduce Fiscal Deficit

Latvia Intervenes to Stabilize Currency for 2nd Straight Day

West's Beer Standards Brew Contention in Latvia

Ex-Communists Ousted In Elections in Lithuania