Articles by Lena Berezanskaya

ClearWater Stays Afloat by Cutting Ads, Pay

Firms Poke Fun at Crisis in Bid to Make a Sale

GUM Hopes to Stay on Top With Makeover

Shares Rise on Cabinet Appointments

Market Loses Gains Despite Duma Vote

Optimistic Russian Market Surges Ahead of Duma Vote

Investors Snap Up Treasuries Ahead of Prime Minister Vote

World Bank Unit Buys 8% Stake in Toribank

Potanin to Quit Uneximbank Post

State Cracks Down on Deadbeat Farm Loans

MT Index Rises Despite Uncertainty

Gazprom Eyes Loan Of $200M

SBS-Agro Reaches Debt Deal

Market Recovers in Late Rally

Yields Rise On Political Uncertainty

NRB Plans Lawsuit Against UES on Dividends

Fund Gives Lower-Rate Mortgages

Markets Plummets 8% On Kremlin, UES Fears

Unexim To Move Shares To NDC

Local Bidders Reap Rewards With 2% Premiums on T-Bills

Foreigners Allowed to Trade On Derivatives Exchanges

Gazprom Makes MT Index Comeback

Markets Remain Calm After Political Shake-Up

State Soothes Enraged T-Bill Traders

Bank Plans Stymied by Lost Kupon

Shares Recover After Cabinet Shock

Bank-Managed Funds Fail Investor Risk Test

Rating Downgrade Kills Market Rally

Failed Fund Raises Regulation Concerns

Stocks Rise Despite Oil Market Woes