Articles by Henry Meyer

U.S. Foreign Policy No Example, Premier Says

  • 02 June 08
  • Bloomberg
Putin urges France to preserve its independent nature in policy abroad.

Deripaska, Mitvol Face Off Over Baikal

  • 30 April 08
  • Bloomberg
A pulp plant has fishermen and environmentalists up in arms, but the small city of Baikalsk depends on it.

City Hall Plans to Neuter 50,000 Stray Dogs

  • 15 April 08
  • Bloomberg
City Hall is spending $64 million to neuter as many as 50,000 stray dogs because of a rising number of attacks on people.

Lavrov Urges Iran to Show Goodwill in Nuclear Spat

  • 09 February 07
  • The Associated Press
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday urged Iran to show goodwill in resolving the dispute over its nuclear program as a senior Iranian envoy held talks in Moscow.

Iran Snubs Moscow in Nuclear Dispute

  • 09 November 06
  • The Associated Press
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Wednesday abruptly postponed a visit to Moscow amid apparent Iranian annoyance at Russian hints of a delay to the construction of the country's first nuclear power station.

Moscow Opposes UN Iran Proposal

  • 27 October 06
  • The Associated Press
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday signaled Russian opposition to a draft UN Security Council resolution proposed by European nations that would impose sanctions on Iran over its disputed nuclear program.

Putin Orders Museum Inventory

  • 11 August 06
  • The Associated Press
President Vladimir Putin on Thursday ordered the government to conduct an inventory check of all the nation's museums following the theft of $5 million in artwork from the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

$5 Million Theft at Hermitage Museum

  • 01 August 06
  • The Associated Press
The State Hermitage Museum on Monday reported the theft of more than 220 items, including jewelry and enameled objects, worth around $5 million, an incident that highlights persistently poor security at Russian museums.

Video Sheds Some Light on Andijan Crackdown

  • 26 June 06
  • The Associated Press
The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace posted on its web site video footage of the moments leading up to a bloody crackdown on a rally last year in Andijan, eastern Uzbekistan.

Iran Open to Offer by UN Powers

  • 16 June 06
  • The Associated Press
President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Iran was ready to open negotiations on an offer by UN powers designed to encourage Tehran to relinquish its nuclear fuel enrichment program.

Iranians 'Have a Right to Know'

  • 07 June 06
  • The Associated Press
Prominent Iranian dissident Akbar Ganji vowed Tuesday to keep up his criticism of the hard-line regime in Tehran, saying he feared he might be sent back to jail but that he was determined to continue the struggle for freedom.

Iran Vows to Boost Uranium Program

  • 13 April 06
  • The Associated Press
Iran's deputy nuclear chief said Wednesday that the country intended to move toward large-scale uranium enrichment involving 54,000 centrifuges, signaling the country's resolve to expand a program the United Nations has demanded it halt.

Detained Adventurer in Good Spirits

  • 06 April 06
  • The Associated Press
A British adventurer who was detained in Chukotka for illegally crossing the border waited anxiously Wednesday to see if authorities would allow him to continue his 7 1/2-year-old attempt to journey around the world by foot.

Russia to Work Closer With Myanmar

  • 04 April 06
  • The Associated Press
Russia and Myanmar on Monday agreed to step up a number of partnerships, including in the oil sector, during the highest-ranking visit to Moscow in four decades from the military-ruled nation.

Astrakhan Muslims May Lose Mosque

  • 30 March 06
  • The Associated Press
A sand-colored edifice rises out of a muddy field alongside the main road leading from the airport into the Volga River city of Astrakhan.

Supreme Court Rejects Baikal Pipeline Appeal

  • 10 March 06
  • The Associated Press
The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected an appeal against the route of a controversial Siberian oil pipeline that will go past the world's largest freshwater lake, an environmental campaigner said.

Anti-Piracy Legislation Criticized

  • 09 March 06
  • The Associated Press
Russia's chances of joining the World Trade Organization this year will fade if the government pushes ahead with new legislation on intellectual property rights, industry groups and anti-piracy campaigners warned Tuesday, saying the proposed bills were flawed.

Experts Warn Russia on Uranium

  • 03 February 06
  • The Associated Press
U.S. experts on Thursday called on Russia to step up efforts to remove highly enriched uranium from civilian facilities and keep terrorists from acquiring radioactive materials, warning it could be only a matter of time before a terrorist nuclear attack.

Israel Presses Russia Over Iran

  • 19 January 06
  • The Associated Press
Israel's national security adviser pressed Russia on Wednesday on its intentions concerning the nuclear standoff between the West and Iran, but Tehran's ambassador to Moscow urged the Kremlin to resist what he called pressure from other countries.

Sailors Tell of Ordeal in Nigerian Jail

  • 29 December 05
  • The Associated Press
Twelve Russian sailors freed from a Nigerian jail after nearly two years in detention arrived home on Wednesday, complaining of terrible conditions during a lengthy ordeal in the African nation that strained relations between Russia and Nigeria.

Yaroslavl Drops Putin Challenge

  • 05 October 05
  • The Associated Press
The Yaroslavl regional legislature, which last week announced it would go to the Constitutional Court to challenge President Vladimir Putin's right to appoint regional leaders, voted on Tuesday to recall its decision.

Shepel Extends Beslan Investigation to Dec. 1

  • 12 September 05
  • The Associated Press
An investigation by prosecutors into last September's Beslan school hostage-taking will continue until December, Deputy Prosecutor General Nikolai Shepel said Friday.

Lukashenko Visits in Hope of Closer Ties

  • 21 July 05
  • The Associated Press
Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko met with President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday for talks on bringing the two countries closer together.

Putin Proposes Mideast Summit

  • 28 April 05
  • The Associated Press
President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday called for a Mideast peace conference in Moscow in the autumn, but the idea received a cool response from Israel.

Putin Kicks Off Visit to Mideast

  • 27 April 05
  • The Associated Press
The president starts the historic tour in Egypt, where he is the first Russian or Soviet leader to make an official state visit in 40 years.

Cabinet Defends Its Record in Duma

  • 14 April 05
  • The Associated Press
The Cabinet came under heavy criticism in the State Duma on Wednesday over the unpopular welfare reforms that triggered the worst public discontent of Vladimir Putin's presidency.

President Leaves Way Open to a 3rd Term

  • 13 April 05
  • The Associated Press
President Vladimir Putin once again ruled out running for re-election in 2008 but left the door open to seeking a third term four years later, fueling fresh speculation that he could try to hang on to power.

Which Country Is Up Next for a Revolution?

  • 29 March 05
  • The Associated Press
Opposition activists in countries that neighbor Kyrgyzstan sense it is their turn to re-enact the drama of 1989.

Syria's Envoy Pledges Adherence

  • 05 March 05
  • The Associated Press
A top Syrian envoy who visited Moscow on Friday to discuss a UN resolution urging Syria to pull out of Lebanon pledged that Damascus would fulfill an earlier pledge to redeploy its troops but refused to give a timetable.

Lazar: Combat Anti-Semitism

  • 04 March 05
  • The Associated Press
Russia's chief rabbi, Berl Lazar, called on President Vladimir Putin on Thursday to do more to combat rising anti-Semitism in the country.