Articles by Caren Bohan

Economic Bailout Tops Obama's 100-Day Agenda

  • 20 January 09
  • Reuters
A calm manner, rhetorical gifts and the promise of new ideas all contributed to Barack Obama's rise to the U.S. presidency as Americans put their trust in him to rescue the economy from its worst crisis in decades.

Clinton, Obama Court Voters in Ohio

  • 04 March 08
  • Reuters
U.S. presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama waged a tight campaign fight across Ohio on the eve of crucial voting that could virtually nail down the Democratic nomination or prolong the party battle into the spring.

Candidates Battle in Wisconsin

  • 18 February 08
  • Reuters
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton traded fresh attacks and touted their economic leadership over the weekend as they took their Democratic presidential duel to Wisconsin.

Bush Sees a Deficit as U.S. Economy Slows

  • 05 February 08
  • Reuters
U.S. President George W. Bush acknowledged Monday that a slowing U.S. economy would lead to a higher budget deficit this year and next, as he unveiled a $3.1 trillion fiscal 2009 spending plan that would boost military funding but nearly freeze many domestic programs.

Cheney Presses Pakistan to Step Up Taliban Fight

  • 27 February 07
  • Reuters
U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney flew into Pakistan and Afghanistan on Monday to press for a united front in the war against the resurgent Taliban, with media reports saying he would tell Islamabad that only results count.

Cheney Wants Pullout in Iraq to Be Honorable

  • 22 February 07
  • Reuters
U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney said Wednesday that the United States wanted to finish its mission in Iraq and ""return with honor,"" despite the war's growing unpopularity at home and doubts among U.S. allies.

Yushchenko Finds Friends in West

  • 28 January 05
  • Reuters
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, making his debut at a major international gathering, reaffirmed his pledge to move into the European mainstream and won a fresh, enthusiastic endorsement from the United States.

Kerry Slams Bush for 'No Regrets' Remark

  • 28 September 04
  • Reuters
Democratic U.S. presidential challenger John Kerry ripped into President George W. Bush on Sunday for saying he had no regrets over his ""Mission Accomplished"" speech on Iraq and would do it again.

Europeans Raise Specter of Terror, U.S. Deficits

  • 15 June 04
  • Reuters
U.S. efforts to portray America's strong growth as a pattern for the global economy hit resistance at last week's Group of Eight summit among European allies who fear high oil prices and terrorism.

G8 Focuses on Korea, Iran in Nuclear Plan

  • 11 June 04
  • Reuters
The world's major powers endorsed a plan on Wednesday to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and singled out North Korea and Iran for concern.

Greenspan Likely to Accept Another Term

  • 25 April 03
  • Reuters
Sticking with Alan Greenspan as Federal Reserve chief was shrewd politics for U.S. President George W. Bush, but analysts said Bush still faces hurdles in reviving the economy.

U.S. Economy Hurt by More Than War

  • 04 March 03
  • Reuters
A sizable group of private economists wonders if the economy's problems run deeper than geopolitical worries.

U.S. GDP Soars 5.8% As Spending Increases

  • 29 April 02
  • Reuters
The U.S. economy raced ahead in the first quarter at the fastest pace in more than two years as consumers spent solidly and a yearlong trend of sharp cutbacks in business inventories showed signs of tapering off, the U.S. government said Friday.

Greenspan Warns of Return to Deficits

  • 19 October 01
  • Reuters
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan on Wednesday urged U.S. lawmakers to guard against a return to budget deficits as they consider ways to stimulate the economy in the aftermath of Sept. 11 attacks.

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