Articles by Christine Hauser

Fear Impedes Poll Workers Efforts

  • 14 January 05
There are mysterious knocks on his door at night. His friends ask him not to visit. He declines to allow even his first name to be published.

Voters Take Over as Campaign Finishes

  • 03 November 04
In schools and firehouses and community centers across the country, Americans streamed into polling stations Tuesday to vote for the next president of the United States, choosing between men with very different visions of the future in a race whose outcome experts said was too close to predict.

Bremer: Iraq Not Ready to Provide Own Safety

  • 20 April 04
With no sign of a breakthrough in talks with rebels in Fallujah and Najaf, the leader of the U.S. occupation appeared to move closer Sunday to a military showdown, saying that the rebels' failure to submit to U.S. demands would necessitate decisive action against those who ""want to shoot their way to power.""

Israeli Withdrawal Marred by More Violence

  • 21 August 02
  • Reuters
Two Palestinians and an Israeli soldier were killed Tuesday after Israeli forces pulled out of Bethlehem, underlining the fragility of a deal seen as a test case for a lasting cease-fire.

Al-Qaida, Taliban Losing Mountain Battle

  • 06 March 02
  • Reuters
U.S.-led forces advanced under heavy fire towards Taliban and al-Qaida bunkers in the snow-capped mountains of eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday, an Afghan commander said.

Israel Pulls Back Troops but Defies U.S.

  • 30 October 01
  • Reuters
Israel completed its withdrawal of troops from Bethlehem on Monday, but said a pullout from other reoccupied Palestinian areas would depend on whether Israeli security demands were met.

Suspected Moslem Militants Shoot 13 in Egypt Massacre