Articles by Gary Peach

Russian Passport Handout Stirs Fears

  • 25 February 09
  • The Associated Press
Retired postal worker Maria Kozyrenko is a new citizen of Russia -- along with 135,000 others in Transdnestr alone.

Once Leaders, Baltics in Deep Slump

  • 18 February 09
  • The Associated Press
For decades, the Rebir factory was the pride of the industrial town of Rezekne in eastern Latvia, with demand for its power drills and chain saws surviving the collapse of communism as it won over capitalist customers.

15 Injured, 80 Detained in Lithuanian Clashes

  • 19 January 09
  • The Associated Press
Violent political protests sweeping parts of formerly Communist Europe have spread to Lithuania, where police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at a rock-throwing mob attacking the parliament.

Riots in Latvia Leave Dozens Injured

  • 15 January 09
  • The Associated Press
Latvia's government and opposition politicians blamed each other Wednesday for rioting in the capital that left more than 40 people injured in the worst violence since the country split from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Latvia Evacuates Cruise Ship

  • 06 May 08
  • The Associated Press
Latvia’s coast guard Monday began evacuating a stranded cruise ship with nearly 1,000 people on board after tug boats failed to pull the luxury liner off an underwater sand bank in the Baltic Sea.

Surgeon Is Elected as Latvia's President

  • 01 June 07
  • The Associated Press
Latvia's parliament elected a leading surgeon with no political background as the country's next president Thursday, despite widespread misgivings about cash payments he accepted from patients.

New Europe Disappointed With Brussels

  • 14 March 07
  • The Associated Press
When they joined the European Union in 2004, East European nations wanted more than just prosperity -- they sought protection from an ascendant Russia eager to maintain influence in its old Soviet neighborhood.

Admiral Voted Kaliningrad Governor

Kremlin-backed Admiral Vladimir Yevgorov handily defeated incumbent Leonid Gorbenko in Kaliningrad's gubernatorial elections Sunday.

Gorbenko Is Searching for French Miracle

The little man was in trouble. Nothing had gone his way all morning. He was outmanned and outgunned, and he needed to pull off a tactical miracle. Could he do it?

Election Not Up for Grabs

Tomorrow the voters of Russia's westernmost province will elect a new governor and regional legislature.

Criticize at Your Own Risk

Kaliningrad has officially become a textbook example how not to conduct elections.

Letter From The Enclave: Admiral Goes for Governor

Looks can be so deceiving. Take the amiable, avuncular man sitting across from me.

Parched Area Waits for Rain

For a growing number of Kaliningrad residents, the biggest headache these days is how to take a bath.

Bombs, Bullets Before Vote

People told me earlier this year that the gubernatorial election would get ugly. They were right.

An Increasing Litigiousness

With private property and civil liberties, Russians have jumped into the ""sue the bastard"" craze.

Governor Chooses Big Foe

Lukoil is the biggest reason why incumbent Leonid Gorbenko will lose Kaliningrad's gubernatorial election.

Smugglers' Trip to Poland

Taking the bus from Kaliningrad to Poland is always an adventure. And a somewhat disheartening one, too.

Gorbenko's Big Asset-Grab

The four-year stint of Leonid Gorbenko can be neatly summed up as an asset-grabbing free-for-all.


In the two weeks following the presidential election, Kaliningrad's leading Communists worked overtime.

Keeping It All in the Family

Had the ancient Greeks spent some time in Kaliningrad, they would have described it as a kakistocracy.

Governor Grasps for Allies

How does an incumbent governor get re-elected without the Kremlin's support?

Region Needs to Help Itself

The country's western province can't afford the same optimism about the economy as the rest of Russia.

Fallout of Year-Old Tragedy

A telling tragedy took place one year ago in Kaliningrad.

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