Articles by Noah Barkin

German Fears Mount After Train Bomb Plot

  • 21 August 06
  • Reuters
German politicians warned over the weekend of a growing terrorism threat and urged new measures to counter it after authorities said a plot to blow up passenger trains had failed only because the bombs did not go off.

German Smoking Ban Meets Disfavor

  • 27 June 06
  • Reuters
When a German magazine ran a story about new efforts to ban public smoking, the reactions of many of its non-smoking readers were fierce -- and surprising.

Merkel Focuses on Terrorism in First Major Parliament Address

  • 01 December 05
  • Reuters
German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed on Wednesday her new government would not be blackmailed by kidnappers holding a German woman in Iraq and called terrorism a threat to core values of freedom, tolerance and respect.

Merkel Takes Up Germany's Top Post

  • 23 November 05
  • Reuters
The first woman chancellor must work with old rivals to revive a sluggish economy.

German Conservative Steps Aside

  • 02 November 05
  • Reuters
Efforts to form a new German government were plunged into crisis on Tuesday when a senior conservative abandoned plans to join the Cabinet and party leaders on both sides said coalition talks could collapse.

Merkel to Lead Under German Coalition Deal

  • 11 October 05
  • Reuters
Conservative leader Angela Merkel will become Germany's first woman chancellor under a deal that sees Gerhard Schroder step aside but gives his Social Democrats top posts in a new government, sources said on Monday.

Exit Polls Show Merkel Taking Lead

  • 19 September 05
  • Reuters
Voters appeared to have forced Germany's main political rivals into coalition with each other on Sunday, as exit polls showed conservative challenger Angela Merkel as the winner but unable to form a center-right alliance.

Schroder Hopes to Be Remembered for Courage

  • 13 September 05
  • Reuters
Whether voters back him or sack him on Sept. 18, Chancellor Gerhard Schröder hopes Germans forever see him as a leader with ""courage.""

Schroeder Gains Capital to Push Russian Trade

  • 14 December 04
  • Reuters
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder could emerge from the Ukraine election crisis with a stronger hand to pursue one of his key foreign policy objectives -- forging closer economic ties with eastern partner Russia.

NetJets Hopes to Win Over Former Concorde Passengers

  • 14 January 04
  • Reuters
Hoping to lure former Concorde clients and businessmen fed up with lengthy security checks at major airports, private jet firm NetJets is introducing a new transatlantic service it says will sharply curtail travel times.

Agricole Bids $20Bln for Lyonnais

  • 17 December 02
  • Reuters
Credit Agricole launched a friendly 19.5 billion euro ($19.9 billion) bid for Credit Lyonnais on Monday in a deal that would create a new French banking giant.

BNP Pays $2Bln for 11% Lyonnais Stake

  • 25 November 02
  • Reuters
BNP Paribas reached deep into its pockets to snare the French government's 10.9 percent stake in Credit Lyonnais over the weekend for 2.2 billion euros.

Top European Telecoms Divorce

  • 25 November 02
  • Reuters
France Telecom and Germany's MobilCom agreed to a 7 billion euro divorce Friday, putting an end to their ill-fated alliance to conquer the German mobile market.

Vivendi Universal Spurns $15Bln Bid

  • 22 November 02
  • Reuters
Vivendi Universal saw its shares surge nearly 18 percent Thursday after sources said it had rejected a $15 billion offer for its entertainment assets and was nearing a partial sale of its utility stake.

U.S. Launches Probe Into Ailing Vivendi

  • 05 November 02
  • Reuters
Vivendi Universal, still struggling with the legacy of ousted chief executive Jean-Marie Messier, said Monday that U.S. authorities had launched two new investigations into the company.

EasyJet, Airbus Deal a Major Blow to Boeing

  • 15 October 02
  • Reuters
EasyJet PLC said Monday it had chosen Europe's Airbus SAS instead of current supplier Boeing for a multibillion-dollar order to supply up to 240 planes.

EADS Announces First Profit, Warns of Losses

  • 19 March 02
  • Reuters
The European Aeronautic Defense & Space Company posted its first annual net profit Monday, thanks to the full consolidation of its Airbus jet unit and a steep drop in currency charges, but signaled a slide back into the red this year as it struggles to cope with a weak airliner market.

EADS IPO Stumbles to Slow Start

Airbus Betting on Superjumbo

Volvo, Renault Sign Merger Deal

Renault, Volvo Appear On Brink of Share Deal

Israel Offered Role in A3XX Project

French Aerospace Grouping Grabs Stake in Embraer

Market Looks Ahead To Economy Reports