Articles by Gwynne Dyer

Not So Happy Together

Angela Merkel has a very different attitude to Russia from the last three or four German chancellors, perhaps because she grew up in East Germany, under Russian control.

Witch Hunt or Breathtaking Negligence?

Many are likely to fall on their swords because of the ""major intelligence failure"" that led to Sept. 11.

Roiling Yugoslavia

The two-week delay before a second vote gives the demon of the Balkans a chance to change the outcome.

Outsiders Unwelcome

What do East Germany and Ireland have in common that could account for their brutal racism?

Exploring Otherworldly Worlds

It's starting to look like it is normal for a star to have planets.

Modernization as Evil Plot

Light Emerging in North, South Korea Ties

UN Needs Military Backbone

Grim Wars Grind On

Elian and Embargo

No Time for Excuses

A 'New' President

A Few Honorable Men

Was Kosovo 'Genocide'?

Voting Out the Queen

Jakarta Must Relax Grip

Pakistan Ruled by Coups

Experiments in Justice

War as Election Politics

India Ahead of China

Indonesia Is Not Serbia

ESSAY: Communism Extinguished Without a Shot

Libya's Diva Dictator

East Timor's Window

The Last Balkan War?

Tsar of All the Russias?

Arab 'Stability' Dying

South African Solution

All Can Eat at the Table

The Path Less Traveled