Articles by Cynthia Johnston

Israelis Fire on Gaza Protesters

  • 20 May 04
  • Reuters
Israeli forces opened fire on a protest march in a besieged Gaza refugee camp Wednesday, killing eight Palestinians and raising the death toll in Israel's heaviest raid in the Gaza Strip in years to 31.

Arab Money Drives Beirut Luxury Boom

  • 12 November 02
  • Reuters
Lebanon's battered economy is faltering under the weight of a $29 billion public debt. Jobs are scarce, the stock market is stagnant. But for those catering to the mega-rich, especially those from the oil-rich Gulf, business is booming.

Fire Kills 366 in Egyptian Train Disaster

  • 21 February 02
  • Reuters
Fire ripped through a crowded train near Cairo on Wednesday, killing 366 passengers in the deadliest disaster in Egyptian rail history.

Water Remains Bone of West Bank Contention