Articles by Ruslan Musayev

6 Russian Soldiers Killed in Chechnya

  • 02 February 01
  • The Associated Press
A quiet, sunny day in the Chechen capital brought scores of people in the streets Thursday, as the war-ravaged city basked in the unusual spell of warmth and peace after weeks of shootouts and winter gloom.

Monitors Leave Chechnya As Police Display Corpses

  • 18 January 01
  • The Associated Press
While European human rights monitors wrapped up a trip to Chechnya, Russian officials showed off the bodies of four alleged rebels Wednesday to demonstrate their successes.

Rebel Raids, Threats Lead to Crackdown

  • 28 November 00
  • The Associated Press
Responding to new rebel raids, the federal authorities beefed up security in Chechnya on Monday and said they would close Russia's border with Georgia.

Five Russian Servicemen Killed in Chechnya

  • 27 November 00
  • The Associated Press
Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov ordered Chechnya's pro-Moscow mayors and other civilian leaders to surrender their posts or be forcefully removed Ч or worse Ч by his rebel commanders.

Chechens Ambush Military Convoy

Troops Say They Are Back in Control

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Russians Face Fiercer Chechen Resistance

Chechens Deny Grozny Surrounded

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Troops Fight Their Way to Grozny

Airstrikes Tighten Noose on Grozny

Troops Pushing Deeper Into Chechen Territory

Maskhadov Rivals Forge Islamic Rule

Maskhadov Declares Islamic Law

Islamic Radicals Clash With Chechen Forces

Chechnya's Chief Prosecutor Kidnapped Outside Grozny

Western Hostages Beheaded in Chechnya

Chechen President Lambastes Russians Over Pipeline Talks

Grozny Declares Steps To Increase Self Rule

Chechnya To Propose Draft Treaty