Articles by Joseph Coleman

Obama Victory Sparks Global Cheers

  • 06 November 08
  • The Associated Press
In city squares and living rooms, ballrooms and villages, the citizens of the world cheered the election of Barack Obama as U.S. president, ratcheting up hopes that America's first black commander in chief would herald a more balanced, less confrontational America.

Japan Swears In Nationalist PM

  • 27 September 06
  • The Associated Press
Nationalist Shinzo Abe, a proponent of a robust alliance with the United States and a more assertive military, easily won election in Japan's parliament to become the country's youngest postwar prime minister Tuesday.

Princess Kiko Bears a Royal Son

  • 07 September 06
  • The Associated Press
Japan's Princess Kiko gave birth to the royal family's first male heir in four decades Wednesday, easing a succession crisis and quelling a fractious political debate over whether to allow women on the throne.

North Korea Denies Brinkmanship

  • 15 January 03
  • The Associated Press
North Korea denied Tuesday that its withdrawal from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty was aimed at squeezing concessions from the United States, and accused the U.S. of insincerity about prospects for dialogue.

Schumacher Wraps Up 5th Title Early

  • 22 July 02
  • The Associated Press
Michael Schumacher won a record-tying fifth Formula One championship at the French Grand Prix on Sunday.

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Maker Hails Soy Sauce's Virtues

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