Articles by Maxim Ognev

Seeking Words of Wisdom With the Click of a Mouse

If words of wisdom are worth more than gold, then Russia's aphorism web sites are a treasure trove.

State-Sponsored Web Site Takes War on Drugs Online

The government has taken the fight against drugs to the Internet with

World of Flight as Seen Through Russian Eyes

Calling itself the information server for Russian aviation, covers breaking news in the aviation industry both in the Russia and worldwide.

Site Gives a Glimpse Into Russia's Prisons

Over the years the Russian prison subculture has developed its own language, symbols and rituals and now there is a web site that tells us what it's like inside.

Club Kid - Park Avenue

Park Avenue is the kind of place that puts people in the mood to get undressed.

Club Kid - Park Avenue

Park Avenue is the kind of place that puts people in the mood to get undressed.

Time's a Wasting for Fun in the Sun

If Alyona Rybnikova ever met a boy she liked, the 19-year-old would test his mettle by taking him bungee jumping at Gorky Park. ""Only a real man could do this,"" she said while peering at the four-story high ledge from where her future lover would fling his body, head down and legs tied. ""A real man should be able to do crazy things."" She has more than slim pickings to choose from since the Tarzan, as the park's popular attraction is called, lures an adventurous group of daredevils, male and female, when the weather is right. But outdoor summer fun need not mean great leaps of faith f and not every lady wants her valiant gent to fly. For many, a pleasant paddle-boat ride, a stroll down the Arbat or tanning on a nude beach will do. One summer month remains, and if the gods are kind enough to still the heavens, there will still be plenty of activities and entertainment outside those stuffy clubs and smoky bars.

Being and Not-Quite-ness

Smuggling Wiping Out Last of Mythical Herb

Fair Game From Faces to Feet

No Absinthe, But Plenty of Art

New Racquet for Bankers

Chosen Son

Going for the Throat

'Repat' Finds His Roots

Hawking Birds of Prey to the Elite

Lonely Hearts Find PC Home at Last


Hammering the Point

All the Fun That Money Just Can't Buy

New Romantic

Vet Helps Teens Find 'Courage'

Russian Style Lacking $ubstance

State Targeting Cash Payments