Articles by Simon Gardner

Tamil Tigers Bomb Diplomatic Convoy

  • 15 August 06
  • Reuters
Tamil Tigers killed seven people and injured 17 in an attack on a Pakistani Embassy convoy on Monday, the Sri Lankan military said, just hours after a suspected rebel front threatened to start bombing civilians in the capital.

Sri Lankan Rebel Group Denies Killing Minister

  • 15 August 05
  • Reuters
More than 1,000 police and troops scoured Colombo on Sunday for one or more snipers, suspected to be Tamil Tiger rebels, who gunned down Sri Lanka's foreign minister and rekindled fears of a return to civil war.

Argentina Within Hours of a Default

  • 10 September 03
  • Reuters
Argentina was just hours away from default on a $3 billion debt to the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday after telling the lender it would have to agree to a wider aid deal before it is paid.

IMF to Let Argentina Roll Over $6Bln Debt

  • 20 January 03
  • Reuters
Argentina clinched a watershed debt rollover deal with the IMF after a year of tortuous negotiations, gaining breathing space to find a way out of its worst-ever financial crisis.

Argentina Sets Date for International Debt Swap

  • 18 December 01
  • Reuters
Argentina is to launch the international leg of its massive debt restructuring to avoid the messiest default ever in January and may seek to postpone some aid payments, the swap's point man said Sunday.

Chessmaster Kasparov Loses Crown to Ex-Pupil

  • 03 November 00
  • Reuters
Garry Kasparov's 15-year reign as king of world chess has been ended by former pupil Vladimir Kramnik.

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