Articles by Jon Herskovitz

Native Koreans Stuck in Sakhalin Return Home

  • 30 October 07
  • Reuters
INCHEON, South Korea -- Korean Park Jung-ja spent the first six decades of her life on wind-swept Sakhalin, the bad breaks of the Cold War making her a citizen of nowhere. Now, she has finally found a home in suburban Seoul.

N. Korea Reserves Right of Pre-emptive Attack

  • 23 August 06
  • Reuters
North Korea said it had the right to launch a pre-emptive attack to counter a U.S.-South Korean joint military training drill, its official media reported Tuesday.

North Korea Wants Talks to Ease Rising Missile Tensions

  • 22 June 06
  • Reuters
North Korea wants talks with the United States over its planned missile test, Yonhap news agency reported Wednesday, a sign Pyongyang might be ready to step back from the mounting crisis.

N. Korean GDP Rises for 6th Year

  • 01 June 05
  • Reuters
North Korea's impoverished economy grew for a sixth consecutive year in 2004, South Korea's central bank said Tuesday, giving its best estimate of the economic status of one of the world's most secretive states.

Pyongyang Open to New Talks

  • 23 March 05
  • Reuters
North Korea is not opposed to six-party talks on its nuclear program and could return to negotiations when conditions were ""mature,"" the reclusive nation's prime minister said Tuesday.

Dallas Fed Chief Pens Poetry in Spare Time

  • 01 April 04
  • Reuters
Global investors bet billions of dollars on the carefully crafted statements of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

American Dodges Bankruptcy Again

  • 28 April 03
  • Reuters
American Airlines averted an imminent bankruptcy filing for the third time in a month as its flight attendants agreed on Friday to a concessions deal aimed at keeping the carrier out of Chapter 11.

American Airlines, Unions Not Yet Out of the Woods

  • 22 April 03
  • Reuters
American Airlines faces bankruptcy concerns again this week as unions for its flight attendants, ground workers and mechanics threaten to pull back concessions.

Banking Alliance Ready For International Stage

Lost Films From Japan Resurface In Moscow