Articles by Javier Solana

The West's Long Road to Agreement with Iran

U.S.-Iranian rapprochement would have a positive impact across the entire Middle East.

Middle East Is Sinking Deeper Into Instability

Coups always tend to exacerbate problems, not solve them, and this one is no exception.

Iran's Election Creates New Opportunities for Thaw

With Rouhani's win in the presidential election, Iran has taken a big step forward.

A New Business and Political Model for Cyprus

Cypriot president Anastasiades could finally help resolve the island's longstanding division.

Taking a Look at the World After November

On Nov. 6, either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will emerge victorious after an exhausting electoral race, setting the wheels in motion for the coming four years.

Finding a Global Solution to the Syrian Crisis

The feeling is growing stronger by the day that Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime is approaching a tipping point. Kofi Annan, the United Nations and Arab League special envoy, has abandoned his efforts to implement an internationally agreed six-point plan to end the violence.

Russia Stays Home

Just three days before his return to the Kremlin as president, Vladimir Putin met behind closed doors at his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo, outside Moscow, with U.S. National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, who was there to transmit President Barack Obama's renewed determination to strengthen cooperation with Russia.

Austerity Could Cause a Great Depression in EU

It is now increasingly clear that what started in late 2008 is no ordinary economic slump. Almost four years after the beginning of the crisis, developed economies have not managed a sustainable recovery, and even the better-off countries reveal signs of weakness. Faced with the certainty of a double-dip recession, Europe's difficulties are daunting.

We Need a New System to Govern Global Energy

This month, the International Energy Agency will publish its annual report, the internationally definitive "World Energy Outlook," which will confirm that we are not on the right track to reduce global warming. If the current trend in energy production continues, the earth's average temperature will be more than 2 degrees Celsius higher in 2100 than it was in 1990, irreversibly harming the planet and conditions for human life.

10 Years of EU Security

The European Union remains the only organization that can call on a full panoply of instruments and resources that complement the traditional foreign policy tools of its member states.

NATO Upholds Values

Building Trust, Security

Stay Course on Dayton