Articles by Swaha Pattanaik

Eastern Europeans Gear Up for Euro

  • 29 June 04
  • Reuters
European Union newcomers Estonia, Lithuania, and Slovenia on Sunday became the first of the bloc's 10 new member states to join the Exchange Rate Mechanism that will help them prepare for euro entry.

Eurogroup Stressing High Euro Concerns

  • 20 January 04
  • Reuters
Euro-zone finance ministers were likely to join forces Monday to stress they don't want any more speedy gains in their common currency.

French, German Deficits Anger EU

  • 21 January 03
  • Reuters
EU finance ministers are set to rap Germany and France for failing to keep deficits under control as faltering growth poses a growing threat to budget discipline in the bloc, diplomats said Monday.

Prodi Stands By 'Stupid' Euro Remark

  • 21 October 02
  • Reuters
European Commission President Romano Prodi has stood by his description of the pact underpinning the euro as ""stupid,"" despite a flurry of comments in defense of the budget rules and a call for his resignation.

Euro Day May See Prices Go Up

  • 15 November 01
  • Reuters
Politicians promised that the rollout of the euro in 2002 would help drive down prices, but signs are they will be relieved if prices don't go up in the coming months.

Europe Begins Deploying Euros

  • 03 September 01
  • Reuters
BRUSSELS, Belgium ? If the launch of the European single currency in 1999 demanded political will, its physical introduction will require brawn from the moment of unveiling last week of the actual notes and coins. A dozen European countries started moving mountains of the currency to banks Saturday in preparation for January 1, 2002, the day when their 300 million citizens will have their first day-to-day dealings with the single currency. Just shifting the 50 billion euro coins will be like moving two Eiffel Towers for each member of the euro zone, and then there are the 14.5 billion brand new bank notes to worry about. As if that weren't enough, national currencies will have to be withdrawn from circulation in the New Year, an operation that will be overseen by the European Central Bank and national central banks but carried out on the ground by police, the army and security firms.

Skeptics Wary of Euro Rebound

Euro Strains to Find its Own Level

Yen Looks Set to Slide As Backers Stay Silent