Articles by Barbara Lewis

EU Hardens Resolve for New Supplies

  • 08 August 07
  • Reuters
Renewed tension between Russia and Belarus has yet to disrupt energy flows, but still it has sharpened Western Europe's desire to curb dependency on Moscow if it possibly can.

OPEC Will Maintain Crude Output

  • 12 September 06
  • Reuters
As oil prices drop to a five-month low, OPEC ministers say they are unlikely to drastically change output.

Oil Falls From Highs After Missing $50

  • 23 August 04
  • Reuters
Oil prices eased from new highs Friday as dealers pocketed profits from a long record-breaking run after escalating violence in Iraq took U.S. crude close to $50 per barrel.

OPEC: Demand for Oil Growing

  • 18 June 04
  • Reuters
OPEC expects world oil demand to rise by some 2 million barrels per day in the third quarter from a seasonal second quarter low, as consumption growth hits a seven-year high, the cartel said Thursday.

Oil Surges on Shock OPEC Cut

  • 25 September 03
  • Reuters
Oil prices surged Wednesday after OPEC agreed a surprise cut in oil output, removing 900,000 barrels per day from world supplies ahead of peak winter demand.

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