Articles by Avet Demourian

Armenia Imposes State of Emergency

  • 03 March 08
  • The Associated Press
Troops and armored vehicles patrolled the main streets of Armenia's capital Sunday following violent protests that left eight dead, dozens injured and led the president to declare a sweeping, 20-day state of emergency.

Yerevan Abuzz Over U.S. Resolution

  • 24 October 07
  • The Associated Press
YEREVAN, Armenia -- The chatter these days in Yerevan's Anahit Deluxe beauty salon isn't about the latest hairstyles, Armenian celebrities or the coming winter.

Armenians Present Yeltsin With His Weight in Brandy

  • 21 October 02
  • The Associated Press
Former President Boris Yeltsin got the royal treatment at a brandy distillery in Armenia late last week, sampling from a barrel aged 100 years and having a vat of this year's vintage named after him.

Armenian Presidency Attracts 12

Armenian President Announces Resignation