Articles by Jon Boyle

20 States Aided CIA Transfers, PACE Says

  • 08 June 06
  • Reuters
More than 20 states, mostly in Europe, colluded in a ""global spider's web"" of secret CIA prisons and transfers of terrorism suspects, a European rights watchdog said in a report released on Wednesday.

French Cabinet Seeks Extended Powers to Fight Urban Violence

  • 15 November 05
  • Reuters
The French Cabinet agreed to ask parliament for a three-month extension to emergency powers and President Jacques Chirac was to address the nation late Monday over the worst urban violence in 40 years.

'Barayev Commando' Warns France

  • 18 March 04
  • Reuters
A threat from a shadowy Islamist group to sow ""terror and remorse"" on French soil did not bear the hallmarks of Islamic extremists, but French officials said Wednesday they were taking the threat seriously.

'Suicide Fighters' Hunted in Chechnya

  • 05 November 02
  • Reuters
Federal forces hunted ""suicide fighters"" in Chechnya on Monday as they broadened a drive to smash guerrilla resistance in response to the theater siege.

Bricks and Mortar Key to New Model Army

  • 01 October 02
  • Reuters
Using bricks, mortar and the promise of a 'home of your own,' the elite 76th Pskov Airborne Division is determined to restore the country's faith in military service.

NATO and Russia Look to Work Together in Air

  • 02 July 02
  • Reuters
NATO's top general in Moscow said Monday the alliance and Russia were looking to work together on giant transport aircraft and midair refueling to get closer defense cooperation off the ground.

Elite Troops Are Reform Guinea Pigs

  • 06 March 02
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin has stepped up pressure on his reluctant generals to revamp the armed forces, ordering an elite paratroopers division to act as guinea pig for the transition to a volunteer army.

General: Go Slow on Military Reform

  • 27 February 02
  • Reuters
A top general affirmed that Russia's military must be overhauled, but said reform shouldn't be too hasty.

Biobomb Scientist Offers Regrets

  • 26 November 01
  • Reuters
In some ways, Igor Domaradsky did for the Soviet biobomb what Robert Oppenheimer did for the atomic bomb.

NATO, Moscow Mull Big Changes

  • 23 November 01
  • Reuters
Closer ties between Moscow and NATO may effectively put Russia on an equal footing with member countries.

Munitions Boss Slams Pentagon for Funding Delay

  • 10 November 01
  • Reuters
The head of Russia's Munitions Agency has accused the U.S. of delaying work to destroy chemical weapons.

City Beefs Up Security for Forum

  • 25 October 01
  • Reuters
Police are beefing up security ahead of a World Economic Forum in Moscow next week.

Reports: U.S. Military Planes Land in Uzbekistan

  • 24 September 01
  • Reuters
An official at Tashkent's civilian airport said two U.S. C-130 cargo planes landed there on Friday.

Arsenals Key to Missile Dispute

  • 15 August 01
  • Reuters
Nuclear arms cuts are key to a Russian-U.S. dispute over missile defense, but a dragging U.S. nuclear review is holding up a deal that could push ties beyond the Cold War era.

Botched Coup Settled the Fates of Gorbachev and Yeltsin

  • 14 August 01
  • Reuters
The bungled coup 10 years ago has forever linked the fates of Boris Yeltsin and Mikhail Gorbachev.

New Doctrine Seeks to Restore Prowess of the Navy

  • 01 August 01
  • Reuters
President Putin has approved a new naval doctrine designed to reassert Russia as a maritime power.

Russia's WTO Hopes Go Nowhere at Genoa

  • 23 July 01
  • Reuters
World leaders may support Russia's entry into the WTO, but are reluctant to follow through with the plan.

Putin Criticizes, Awards Yeltsin

  • 14 June 01
  • Reuters
President Putin marked the national holiday with veiled criticism of Yeltsin's patchy record on reform.

Russian Mega-Firms Worry EU

  • 09 June 01
  • Reuters
Senior EU competition officials spoke out against the creation of a new breed of mega-firms in Russia.

Ivanov Denies Discussions of Rocket Deal

  • 31 May 01
  • Reuters
Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov dismissed reports that the United States was trying to warm Moscow to the idea of a missile defense shield by offering to buy rockets from Russia.

Israel's Perez Drops In on Solzhenitsyn to Swap Ideas

  • 22 May 01
  • Reuters
Israeli Foreign Minister Peres and Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn discussed mankind's plight.

Russia Seen as Crucial to Euro Success

  • 18 May 01
  • Reuters
Russia could emerge as an unlikely champion of the euro after leaders at a Russia-EU summit agreed to study ways to boost its use and increase its share of Russia's reserves.

Shuster Says Lobbyists in Washington Ousted Him

  • 14 May 01
  • Reuters
Radio Liberty's Moscow bureau chief has said lobbyists in Washington had him fired for NTV appearances.

Army Loses Control Of Satellites in Fire

  • 11 May 01
  • Reuters
Military officials said they had lost control of four military satellites when fire ravaged an important ground relay station on Thursday.

Schroeder Ducks NTV Row, Defections Hurt Turner Bid

  • 10 April 01
  • Reuters
NTV staff's hopes of support from German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder faded on Tuesday, as defections from the embattled independent network risked undermining a white knight bid by CNN founder Ted Turner. In an early morning radio call-in, Schroeder tactfully sidestepped direct criticism of his host, President Vladimir Putin, over last week's contested takeover of Russia's only independent national television network NTV. ""My understanding of a free press is that you have to separate property on one side and an understanding of journalism on the other,"" Schroeder said through a translator on Echo Moskvy, a sister radio to NTV. ""I have always understood that journalism is the freedom, the democratic freedom, of a country and in that I agree with the president,"" he added. Schroeder, who discussed NTV with Putin on Monday, then said Russia needed media to ""inform the people and monitor the authorities"". But his comments fell short of the direct pressure on Putin NTV staff had hoped for.

Russia Hands NATO Chief Missile Defence Proposal

  • 20 February 01
  • Reuters
Russia handed visiting NATO Secretary General George Robertson its proposals on European anti-missile defence Tuesday, which Moscow sees as an alternative to the U.S. National Missile Defence (NMD) system.

NATO Enlargement Could Sink Arms Treaty

  • 05 February 01
  • Reuters
Defence Minister Igor Sergeyev said Monday that NATO expansion eastwards into the Baltics and former Soviet states could destroy a landmark treaty limiting conventional forces in Europe.

Putin Backs End to Bolshevik Land Sale Ban

  • 30 January 01
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin threw his weight behind major land reform Tuesday, saying it was high time Russia reviewed a blanket ban on land sales imposed after the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.

State Council Holds Inaugural Session

  • 23 November 00
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin inaugurated the new State Council on Wednesday, but warned the regional bosses who sit on the advisory body not to challenge his government.

Kremlin Politics Stall GAZ-Fiat Deal