Articles by Georgy Bovt

West and Russia Must Cooperate on More Than Terrorism (Op-Ed)

With terrorism now the most likely cause of the plane crash that occurred over the Sinai, the authorities have halted all air service between Russia and Egypt and ordered the evacuation of Russian tourists.

Rooting Out Corruption Can Be Murder (Op-Ed)

Putin alone has the right to stay and who goes, and not because this one stole or didn't steal, but because that's how it's done in the battle between economic entities for an ever-shrinking cut of the resources available.

Putin's Tactical Gambles Are Paying Off (Op-Ed)

Moscow has not abandoned its Novorossia project, but consolidated its victories there and launched its own reset, creating the New Syria project, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Svetlana Alexievich Ц Champion of Freedom (Op-Ed)

It is very timely that a Russian-language Slavic author who writes that the "Russian world" is standing at the threshold of the deepest crisis of its long history has received this award now, writes Georgy Bovt.

Prioritizing Foreign Agenda Is Mistake for Russia (Op-Ed)

Russia is increasingly focused on its foreign policy, at the expense of its domestic agenda, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Will Putin Exchange Donbass for Syria? (Op-Ed)

Columnist Georgy Bovt asks if Syria will become a second Afghanistan for Russia.

Will Data Law Isolate Russia Further? (Op-Ed)

If Russia decides to enforce its law on personal data, the Kremlin will have only succeeded in further isolating the country from the rest of the world, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Bulldozing Brie Won't Spark Unrest in Russia (Op-Ed)

While a majority of Russians don't back the destruction of sanctioned food, this will not lead to active protests, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Will Russia's Brain Drain Dry Up? (Op-Ed)

Russia's brain drain will soon dry up, simply because there won't be anybody left in Russia able to work in the West, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Why Russia Opposed the MH17 Tribunal (Op-Ed)

Russia's decision to reject the proposal for an international tribunal into the MH17 disaster is a complicated one, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Duma Recess Won't Stop Russia's Absurdity (Op-Ed)

It seems as if the Russian authorities are all looking for some sort of coveted envelope with the words "Open in case of emergency" written on it Ч but that envelope was either lost or else stolen by traitors.

Russia's Sham Democracy Is Fooling Nobody

The authorities have bumped up State Duma elections from December to September 2016 as nonchalantly as if they were merely doing a routine oil change on their car.

Russia's Increasingly Absurd Laws Benefit Nobody (Op-Ed)

More ill-considered legislation from the Duma Ч this time on alcohol content Ч will cause headaches and expense for struggling Russian businesses writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Will Moscow Allow Polygamy in Chechnya?

Chechnya's recent polygamy scandal has caused a stir in Russia's federal center, but there's very little that it can do in reality, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Russia's Morality Police Are on the Warpath

Many recent social and political scandals in Russia have been connected in one way or another with charges of "insulting" the feelings or beliefs of the country's self-appointed guardians of morality.

Ukraine Is Attempting to Wipe Away Its Past

Ukraine has begun its 'de-Sovietization' campaign in earnest, but this looks suspiciously like a cynical political ploy, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Rumors Swirl in Moscow, But Kremlin Is Silent

From Nemtsov's murder to Putin's unexplained disappearance, these are strange times we are living in, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Counting the Cost of Boris Nemtsov's Death

The murder of Boris Nemtsov takes Russian society one step further down the dangerous path that it started with the conflict in Ukraine, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

No Peace for Ukraine Without U.S.

Any attempts to resolve the crisis in Ukraine are doomed without the participation of the U.S., writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Forget Minsk Protocol, Ukraine Needs New Deal

It's time to face facts that the Minsk Protocol has failed to bring peace in Ukraine and that new solutions are needed, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Why Putin Isn't Worrying About the Ruble

Despite Russia's ongoing currency crisis, it is unlikely that the situation will lead to civil unrest or dissatisfaction with Putin, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Cracks Are Showing in Russia's Customs Union

Cracks have been showing in the Russian-led Customs Union, which doesn't bode well for the Eurasian Economic Union, due to come into effect on Jan. 1, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Putin Is Inspired by Russian Empire

Putin recently unveiled a monument to Emperor Alexander I, whose reign of reforms followed by repression is similar to Putin's, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

The Plight of the Russian Taxpayer

Contrary to popular belief, the tax burden in Russia is a heavy one, and it is only going to get heavier, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Russia Has No Plan for the Future

Russia's vision for its future must include more than merely fighting internal and external enemies, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Who Will Rule Russia Tomorrow?

Russia currently has no system in place for recruiting a new, qualified ruling elite, which means that the country will inevitably run into problems in the future, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Russia's Isolation Wastes Precious Resources

Russia's crusade to isolate itself from the outside world will waste precious time, money and resources, as the example of the Soviet Union shows, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Russia Makes Truces With the West, Not Peace

With the Ukraine crisis, Russia can at last drop the facade that it's part of Europe, and Europe can finally stop pretending it agrees, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Reality in Ukraine Obscured by Propaganda War

Misinformation and propaganda are muddying the reality of the situation in Ukraine, and with neither side willing to compromise,no end is in sight,writes columnist Georgy Bovt.

Russia Is Trapped In 1991

Having failed to find an acceptable national idea immediately after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia and its citizens are now trying to find it in Crimea, writes columnist Georgy Bovt.