Articles by Mike Eckel

Beslan Mourns Attack 5 Years On

  • 02 September 09
  • The Associated Press
Wailing mothers and anguished relatives on Tuesday commemorated the fifth anniversary of Russia's worst terrorist attack, mourning the hundreds killed at Beslan's School No. 1.

Chechen Terrorist Group Claims Yevkurov Attack

  • 29 June 09
  • The Associated Press
A Chechen terrorist group with ties to the late warlord Shamil Basayev claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing attack on Ingush President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov that killed three, according to a statement posted on a rebel-linked web site Sunday.

Fear and Mourning At Novaya Gazeta

  • 02 February 09
  • The Associated Press
The dead loom over the morning editorial meeting at leading investigative newspaper Novaya Gazeta. The staff is trying to plan the next issue, and editor-in-chief Dmitry Muratov is in an understandably foul mood.

Tbilisi Faces Anger as Cost of War Sinks In

  • 26 August 08
  • The Associated Press
As Georgia comes to grip with the damage inflicted by Russia's military campaign, President Mikheil Saakashvili seems likely to face the anger and frustration of tens of thousands of displaced Georgians.

DNA Is That of Tsar's Children, Ending Mystery

  • 05 May 08
  • The Associated Press
For nine decades after Bolshevik executioners gunned down Tsar Nicholas II and his family, there were no traces of the remains of Crown Prince Alexei, the hemophiliac heir to the throne.

Soyuz Capsule Misses the Mark on Landing

  • 21 April 08
  • The Associated Press
A Russian space capsule touched down in Kazakhstan after hurtling through the Earth’s atmosphere in a steeper-than-normal descent, subjecting the crew to severe G-forces and landing hundreds of kilometers off target.

Tycoon Gives Saakashvili's Foes a Hand

  • 12 November 07
  • The Associated Press
He is said to be Georgia's wealthiest businessman. He has owned the country's most storied football club, headed its Olympic committee and created its most popular television station.

Lavrov Says U.S. Wants to Snoop

  • 24 September 07
  • The Associated Press
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has suggested that the true reason the United States wants an anti-missile system in Eastern Europe is not to defend Europe from Iranian missiles but to spy on Russia.

U.S. Hands Over Video on Soviet Sub

  • 11 September 07
  • The Associated Press
U.S. military officials on Monday gave Russian authorities a videotape and other archival materials on the fate of the Soviet K-129 submarine, whose sinking in 1968 has remained one of the lingering mysteries of the Cold War.

Shirtless Putin Gets Tongues Wagging

  • 24 August 07
  • The Associated Press
When he flexes Russia's diplomatic and military muscle, President Vladimir Putin always makes headlines.

FSB Opens Inquiry into MI6 Allegation

  • 09 July 07
  • The Associated Press
The Federal Security Service said Saturday that it had opened a criminal investigation into an allegation by a former tax inspector that he was recruited by Britain's foreign intelligence agency, MI6.

FSB Identifies Man in British Spy Flap

  • 02 July 07
  • The Associated Press
The Federal Security Service on Friday identified the citizen whom the Britain foreign intelligence agency MI6 purportedly tried to recruit as Vyacheslav Zharko, a former member of a special forces unit.

Hugs and Smiles on Space Station

  • 11 April 07
  • The Associated Press
U.S. billionaire space tourist Charles Simonyi and two cosmonauts floated into the international space station early Tuesday, sharing back slaps, hugs and smiles with the station's three current crew members.

Russia Critical of U.S. Verdict

  • 09 March 07
  • The Associated Press
The Foreign Ministry said Thursday that there were ""great doubts"" about a U.S. federal jury's conviction of a former Russian UN official on money laundering charges.

Claims of Child Abuse Investigated

  • 02 February 07
  • The Associated Press
Prosecutors said Thursday that they were investigating allegations that workers at a hospital taped infants' mouths shut in order to keep them from crying -- a scandal that has sparked outrage in the country.

Tajikistan Turns Into Heroin Alley

  • 07 December 06
  • The Associated Press
Central Asia's poorest county is also one of the world's leading transit routes for heroin, opium and other drugs from Afghanistan. Sergei Makhkamov has been caught in the flood.

Tajik Vote Criticized by OSCE Observers

  • 08 November 06
  • The Associated Press
Tajik President Emomali Rakhmonov, 54, won re-election to a new, seven-year term in Tajikistan according to preliminary results that gave him nearly 80 percent of the vote, elections officials said Tuesday. Foreign observers said the vote was flawed.

Rakhmonov Expected to Win

  • 07 November 06
  • The Associated Press
Tajiks voted Monday in the country's second presidential election since a civil war in the 1990s, with incumbent Emomali Rakhmonov widely expected to win amid doubts about the fairness of the poll.

'I Am Not Guilty,' Adamov Maintains

  • 28 September 06
  • The Associated Press
The former nuclear power minister says U.S. charges of tax evasion and money laundering are groundless.

Kiriyenko Holds Iran Nuke Talks

  • 26 September 06
  • The Associated Press
Federal Atomic Energy Agency chief Sergei Kiriyenko met Monday with Iran's top nuclear official, and Tehran complained that Moscow was dragging its heels over supplying nuclear fuel for a controversial Russian-built nuclear plant.

Woman Space Tourist Blasts Off

  • 19 September 06
  • The Associated Press
A rocket carrying the world's first paying female space tourist and a new U.S.-Russian crew streaked into the cloudless sky over the desolate steppes of Kazakhstan on Monday, en route to the international space station.

Crash Survivors Talk of a Second Birth

  • 12 July 06
  • The Associated Press
A family on the Airbus jet recalls seat belts bursting open, people flying down the aisles and black smoke filling the cabin.

On the Verge of a Crisis

  • 23 May 06
  • The Associated Press
Vitaly is the face of Russia's AIDS epidemic, epitomizing many of its most troubling characteristics.

Gay Parade Fuels Internal Debate

  • 19 May 06
  • The Associated Press
Supporters say the march would showcase the gay community; opponents fear a backlash.

NATO Wages PR Offensive in 9 Cities

  • 19 May 06
  • The Associated Press
NATO officials brought a nationwide public relations campaign to sway Russian attitudes toward the alliance to Moscow on Thursday, meeting with top Russian officials and opening a photography exhibition at a ceremony that was disrupted by protesters.

Bodies, Flight Recorders Sought in Black Sea

  • 05 May 06
  • The Associated Press
Searchers combed the waters off the resort city of Sochi on Thursday, looking for bodies and a flight recorder from an Armenian passenger jet that slammed into the Black Sea in bad weather and ripped apart, killing all 113 people on board.

Armenia Cedes Pipe Control

  • 07 April 06
  • The Associated Press
Armenia agreed to give Gazprom control of part of an Armenian-Iranian natural gas pipeline and an electricity power-generating unit, the state-controlled gas giant said Thursday.

Iran Weapons Linked to Russia

  • 05 April 06
  • The Associated Press
The high-speed torpedoes tested by Iran this week were likely Russian-built weapons and may have been acquired from China or Kyrgyzstan, military analysts said Tuesday, as tension continued to rise over Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Russia Resumes Gas to Georgia

  • 30 January 06
  • The Associated Press
Russia resumed pumping gas again to Georgia on Sunday after finishing repairs to a major pipeline that was damaged by a mysterious blast a week earlier, but tensions remained at boiling point between the two countries.

Senior Iranian Official Will Visit

  • 24 January 06
  • The Associated Press
Iran's top nuclear negotiator will travel to Moscow on Tuesday for high-level talks regarding the country's nuclear program, a Russian official said Monday, as Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov encouraged Tehran to adopt a position that would help ease tensions.