Articles by Tom Doggett

Romania Says Gazprom Is Biggest Threat to Region

  • 31 July 06
  • Reuters
Romania's president warned on Friday that Europe's dependence on natural gas monopoly Gazprom for fuel supplies could be the biggest threat to the region since the former Soviet Union's army.

Cut Taxes to Fix 'Soggy' U.S. Economy, Snow Says

  • 13 May 03
  • Reuters
U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow said Sunday that President George W. Bush's tax cut package would help solve the problem of a ""soggy"" economy by creating more jobs.

Yusufov Puts $2.5Bln Pipeline on the Table

  • 04 October 02
  • Reuters
The Russian government is considering whether to build a deepwater port in Murmansk that would allow large tankers to ship oil more affordably to U.S. markets, Energy Minister Igor Yusufov said Wednesday.

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