Articles by Olena Horodetska

Kiev's Caves Monastery Is Crumbling

  • 07 March 07
  • Reuters
Its golden domes have towered over the capital for a millennium.

Yushchenko Lashes Out at Opposition Ahead of Vote

  • 16 March 06
  • Reuters
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said Tuesday that opposition parties offered no credible alternative as he attempted to claw back support before the March 26 elections.

Angry Parliament Sacks Ukraine's Government

  • 11 January 06
  • Reuters
Ukraine's parliament sacked the government on Tuesday over a costly gas deal with Russia, pushing the country deeper into crisis just two months before a parliamentary election.

Yushchenko Prevails in Fight Over Ukraine's New Budget

  • 21 December 05
  • Reuters
Ukraine's liberal administration scored a major victory on Tuesday by pushing the 2006 budget through a hostile parliament, resisting heavy pressure to increase the deficit in an election year.

Rush to Reprivatization Drops on Kiev's Agenda

  • 01 November 05
  • Reuters
Political bickering in Ukraine ahead of a March parliamentary election is likely to delay big privatizations even after last month's steel mill sale fetched a price that beat all expectations, analysts say.

Yushchenko Picking New Cabinet

  • 28 September 05
  • Reuters
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, piecing together a new government to rejuvenate the economy after a split in liberal ranks, has named a young Central Bank specialist as economy minister.

Low-Key Technocrat to Form New Cabinet

  • 09 September 05
  • Reuters
Yuriy Yekhanurov, named on Thursday as Ukraine's acting prime minister, is an old ally of President Viktor Yushchenko and has a reputation as a low-key technocrat that contrasts with his predecessor's flamboyant style.

Kiev Lifts Import Duty to Increase Flow of Oil

  • 18 May 05
  • Reuters
Ukraine's parliament on Tuesday removed duties for oil product imports in a step aimed at easing the country's fuel crisis.

Yushchenko Tells Lavrov He Wants Pragmatic Ties

  • 22 February 05
  • Reuters
Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko, in a cool welcome to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, on Monday said he sought ""pragmatic"" ties in which they both put the past behind them.

Veteran to Run Ukraine's Central Bank

  • 17 December 04
  • Reuters
Volodymyr Stelmakh, who headed Ukraine's Central Bank between 2000 and 2002, secured overwhelming approval from parliament on Thursday to return as the bank's new chairman.

Ukraine on Verge of Banking Crisis

  • 01 December 04
  • Reuters
Ukraine's Central Bank tightened controls on cash operations and dollar sales on Tuesday to prevent a banking crisis and stop capital flight out of the ex-Soviet state after a weeklong political crisis.

Ukraine Standoff Threatens Economy

  • 25 November 04
  • Reuters
Ukraine's fast-growing economy could fall victim to a prolonged power struggle, the finance minister warned Wednesday, as international investors dumped the country's sovereign bonds.

Belarussians Protest at Vote 'Shame'

  • 19 October 04
  • Reuters
Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said Monday voters had shown overwhelming support for his plan to stay in power, but hundreds took to the streets to protest against what they said was a rigged referendum.

Banks Struggle to Regain Trust

  • 10 August 04
  • Reuters
A short-lived run on deposits in Russia has rocked confidence, which had been on the mend after the 1998 banking crisis, leaving many wary about putting their life savings in a bank.

Ukraine Mine Blast Kills at Least 31

  • 21 July 04
  • Reuters
An explosion ripped through a Ukrainian coal mine, killing at least 31 miners and trapping five more in a blazing pit in the country's worst mining accident in two years, the Emergency Ministry said Tuesday.

Ukraine Pirates Push Artists Off the Charts

  • 15 September 03
  • Reuters
Leading Ukrainian rock group Okean Elzy claim to lose as much as 85% of CD sales to piracy.

Despite Scandal, Oil Still a Market Favorite

  • 14 August 03
  • Reuters
The dispute over oil major Yukos may have unsettled investors, but Russian oil firms are set to remain market favorites as they pump out increased profits while other investment avenues remain scarce, analysts said this week.

Kuchma: Ukraine Stands on Verge of Stagnation

  • 16 April 03
  • Reuters
President Leonid Kuchma said Ukraine's export-dependent economy risked sliding into stagnation if the government and parliament failed to speed up economic and tax reforms.

Ukraine Election Lifts Economic Hopes

  • 27 March 02
  • Reuters
Ukraine's economy, finally recovering after years of recession, may get a strong boost when voters elect what could be the country's first ""bourgeois"" parliament on March 31.

Ukraine Looks Elsewhere for Gas

  • 01 March 02
  • Reuters
Energy-starved Ukraine is looking toward Central Asia, the Middle East and Norway as new natural gas suppliers to reduce its dependence on Russia and to meet growing demand, government officials said Thursday.

Ukraine Charges Former Premier

  • 08 February 02
  • Reuters
Ukrainian prosecutors have charged a former Prime Minister with ordering the murders of two businessmen.

Ukrainian Court Scraps Private TV Station's License

  • 06 February 02
  • Reuters
Ukraine's media freedoms have come under the spotlight as a television station faces closure.

Villa Visit Sealed U.S.S.R.'s Fate

  • 10 December 01
  • Reuters
The lives of millions built the Soviet Union over seven decades. Just three men signed its death warrant.

Belarussians Come Out to Vote and Protest

  • 10 September 01
  • Reuters
Belarussians turned out to cast their ballots in the national elections on Sunday.

Ukrainian Family Thrives on Bread

  • 31 July 01
  • Reuters
Jerry Prytulak's father worked for years to build a Ukrainian bakery on the outskirts of Bradford.

Communists Take to Kiev Streets

  • 16 March 01
  • Reuters
Thousands of Ukrainian Communist Party members marched through Kiev on Thursday, adding their weight to calls for the resignation of embattled President Leonid Kuchma.

Ukraine To Prosecute Anti-Kuchma Opposition

  • 12 March 01
  • Reuters
Ukrainian authorities said Monday they planned to prosecute the opposition leaders behind mass rallies three days ago which turned violent, injuring scores of demonstrators and police.

Tent City Spearheads the Anti-Kuchma Protests

  • 21 February 01
  • Reuters
More than 100 people are now camping along the city's main street, Khreshchatyk, demanding that Kuchma quit over allegations that he plotted the disappearance of a journalist.

Kiev Tent City Spearheads Anti-Kuchma Protests

  • 20 February 01
  • Reuters
Scurrying through the snow, Kiev's residents stopped in their tracks, struck by the strangest of sights -- someone had pitched a tent in the Ukrainian capital's elegant main square.

Ex-Ukrainian Minister to Back Reforms

  • 23 January 01
  • Reuters
Sacked Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko pledged Monday that her party would not derail the government’s program of reformist legislation.