Articles by Karl Emerick Hanuska

Putin, Dutch PM Spar Over War in Chechnya

  • 03 November 05
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin sparred with the Dutch prime minister on Wednesday over the war in Chechnya, accusing some European leaders of being ""more Muslim than Mohammed.""

ABN Amro Ventures Into Italy

  • 27 September 05
  • Reuters
ABN Amro sealed a 3.2 billion euro ($3.88 billion) deal to buy out Pop Italiana and its allies from Banca Antonveneta on Monday, paving the way for a historic takeover of the Italian lender.

FSC: Corporate Changes 'Dramatic'

  • 14 July 03
  • Reuters
Good corporate governance practices are starting to take root in Russia but they have a long way to go before shareholders can be sure of rights they get in the West, the head of Russia's markets watchdog said Friday.

Chechen Rebels Seek War Crimes Tribunal

  • 11 March 02
  • Reuters
Rebel leadership is pushing to establish a tribunal to try alleged war crimes commited in Chechnya.

RTS Hits 300, 44-Month High

  • 23 January 02
  • Reuters
The RTS closed above 300 for the first time since it ended at 302.82 on May 8, 1998.

Oil Drop Spurs Call for Ruble Depreciation

  • 04 December 01
  • Reuters
Calls for the ruble's depreciation due to falling world oil prices may cause a fresh surge in inflation.

CTC Shows TV Can Earn Profits

  • 31 October 01
  • Reuters
Five years after setting up shop, the head of the Moscow-based CTC television channel says his company's success is proof television is a viable business in Russia.

Upper House Approves Reform Bills

  • 23 July 01
  • Reuters
The upper house's approval of reformist legislation is seen as a major step in liberalizing the economy.

Miller Hints at Bigger Foreign Stake

  • 10 July 01
  • Reuters
Gazprom declined on Monday to comment on reports that foreign holdings will raise to 20 percent.

Russians Celebrate Easter, Eye Closer Church Ties

  • 16 April 01
  • Reuters
Russian Orthodox faithful joined Christians of Western confessions in Easter celebrations on Sunday, the first time in 11 years that the two traditions have marked the holiday on the same date.

Nation Fetes Gagarin's Space Flight

  • 13 April 01
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin vowed to support the ailing space sector as he swapped gifts with cosmonauts feting the 40th anniversary of Yury Gagarin being the first man in space.

Oil Companies Cleaning Up Their Act

  • 30 March 01
  • Reuters
Russia's big oil companies are brushing up their corporate act, helping attract much-needed investment and improving the overall outlook for the country's stock market.

Space Veterans Say Mir a Sacrifice to Progress

  • 06 March 01
  • Reuters
Veterans of Russia's cash-strapped space programme said Tuesday that last minute attempts by some to save the Mir space station were misguided and the station had be sacrificed in the name of progress.

Analysts Bullish Despite Market Slide

  • 23 December 00
  • Reuters
The stock market saw most of this year’s gains erased as the global tech sell-off offset strong national fundamentals but analysts say there could be big gains in 2001.

Internet Popularity Rising in Kazakhstan

  • 01 November 00
  • Reuters
The head of Kazakhstan's leading private telecoms firm said the Internet was booming localy.

Shares Fall 8% on Norilsk, Intel Fears

  • 23 September 00
  • Reuters
Russian shares were dragged to their lowest for more than two months on Friday.

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