Articles by Robert Reno

Someone Needs to Fill the Holes in the Wall

Ever since the third century, when emperors built the Great Wall of China stretching 2,400 kilometers from the Yellow Sea to the gates of Central Asia, it has been a timeless and universal symbol of how to keep out the riffraff.

Tax Evasion for the Wealthy

  • 08 April 02
  • Newsday
Don't you just hate it when somebody publishes a report showing that millions of wealthy Americans are evading their income taxes and getting away with it?

Bush Decision Could Come Home to Roost

Since taking office, U.S. President George W. Bush has made his bold decisions seem so effortless that a lot of people began to wonder why Al Gore got more votes, why so many people dismissed Dubya as inarticulate and not too bright and why so many voters had failed to see what a perfect president he'd make.

Eccentric's Guise a Cruel Deception

The troubles of Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill can be divided into the categories of those that were self-inflicted and those he seemed to invite gratuitously.

The Lessons of Dead Presidents

It's amazing the number of dead presidents who've been exhumed to prove it's all right to trash the U.S. Constitution.

Enron Gets Zapped by Its Own Greed

If high visibility, vast political connections and a few discreet phone calls to Washington could have saved Enron Corp., it had the Rolodex to bring it off.

Commercials Aren't the Best Medicine

  • 30 November 01
  • Newsday
A single pharmaceutical manufacturer spent more to advertise a single prescription drug than Pepsi spent to make us all drink more Pepsi.

Slippery Slope or Economic Lift?

  • 20 November 01
  • Newsday
The possibility of a global price war that could drive energy costs below their already depressed levels is one of the few pieces of good news in the unrelenting flow of depressing statistics that are confirming the unraveling of the U.S. economy and the world's with it.

TV Is Drivel, Today And Yesterday

When a man like Rupert Murdoch doesn't get something he badly wants, there is a tendency in the rest of the media world to regard it as an undiluted victory over the forces of philistinism and gratuitous vulgarity.

Terrorism in Danger!

In one form or another, terrorism has been endemic to the Irish experience at least since Henry VIII assumed the title King of Ireland in 1541.

Summits Are No Longer Historic Events

For 16 years, carting the leaders of the world's leading industrial nations off to largely ceremonial meetings in some city where the food's good has seemed like a harmless if expensive undertaking. Before a troubled and dismembered Russia was given a seat, these meetings at least enabled the West to present a common face to communism. But the recent meeting in Genoa raises questions about whether it is worth the life of a single demonstrator or the nerves of the Italian policeman who felt driven to shoot him to protect the politically anointed of the Earth from hordes of people who would harm them. The siege of Genoa evoked demonstrations of power not witnessed since the 16th century, when the gr eat admiral-statesman Andrea Doria dominated the city and much of the Mediterranean with less obvious or savage force. A city famous for its pungent salami did its best under trying circumstances. The mayor urged citizens not to hang their underwear out to dry. President George W.

What Were the Protests in Washington About?

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