Articles by Anthony Lewis

No Longer the World We Knew

  • 13 September 01
  • The New York Times
A man who worked on one of the top floors of the World Trade Center saw that he was trapped. He telephoned his wife. He said he wanted to say goodbye, he wanted her to remember that he loved her and loved their children. They are 1 and 3 years old. A friend of his told me the story. Even more than the television images, it brought home the pain and the terror. Thousands upon thousands of Americans will have a personal connection to a victim. Or will imagine the feelings of the passengers on those planes, knowing they were flying to death. Schoolchildren across the country will remember the day their classes were interrupted to give them the news. All will be marked forever by this day. Terror is what the attackers wanted to arouse, and they succeeded. They not only visited death and destruction on symbols of American economic and political power. They showed how vulnerable the world's only superpower is: how imperfect its airport security systems, how unprotected even its military headquarters.

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