Articles by Andrei Shukshin

Basayev Says He Was Behind 2 Bombings

  • 25 December 03
  • Reuters
Chechen guerrilla commander Shamil Basayev said on a rebel web site that he masterminded two deadly suicide attacks that separatists had earlier condemned.

Promises of Love and Pineapples

  • 19 August 03
  • Reuters
Buoyed by growing demand, cross-border matchmaking has spilled outside big cities and is spreading across the provinces.

Putin Lands in Malaysia to Seal $900M Jet Deal

  • 05 August 03
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin was in Malaysia on Monday for the signing of a billion-dollar arms deal.

Wealth and Status Are the Rules of the Road

  • 29 July 03
  • Reuters
If you are rich or powerful, you can toss the book of road rules out of the window of your speeding car.

Putin: Foreigners Won't Buy Up Land

  • 23 April 02
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin said Monday that Russia should move quickly to allow free sale of farm land, an age-old problem that is now part of his reform drive.

EU: Russia May Enter WTO in '03

  • 06 December 01
  • Reuters
EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy has said Russia's accession to the WTO in '03 is not unreasonable.

Cultures Clash as Russians Go West

  • 27 November 01
  • Reuters
Some 2.5 million ethnic Germans have fled former Soviet republics since the collapse of communism.

Duma Delays Bill on Money Laundering

  • 28 June 01
  • Reuters
Russia hit a delay when parliament postponed a debate on a bill to crack down on money laundering.

Germany to Help If Russia Hits 2003 Debt Crunch

  • 10 April 01
  • Reuters
ST. PETERSBURG — Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said on Tuesday Germany, Russia's biggest foreign creditor, would help Russia restructure its huge foreign debt if it faced a repayment crunch in the next few years. But there was little movement in finding ways for Russia to cancel some of its debts to Germany via investments in the Russian economy. Russia's foreign debt payments, about $14 billion this year, will rise to $18 billion in 2003. This is seen by many Russian officials and analysts as an unbearable burden for stretched state coffers. ""If there are problems with (debt) repayments in 2003-2004, we are ready to help in considering debt restructuring,"" Schroeder told Ekho Moskvy radio through an interpreter. At a later news conference in St Petersburg, President Vladimir Putin welcomed Schroeder's offer after what he called ""open, substantive and productive"" talks. ""We can thank our German partners for their readiness to discuss this matter with us, and support Russia if...

Robertson to Brief Envoys on Moscow Talks

  • 21 February 01
  • Reuters
NATO Secretary-General George Robertson meets the bloc's ambassadors Wednesday to brief them on top-level Moscow talks which focused on a planned U.S. missile defence and Russia's cut-price alternative for Europe.

Radio Liberty Firm on Broadcasts in Chechen

  • 09 February 01
  • Reuters
U.S.-funded Radio Liberty said Thursday it would go ahead with plans to broadcast in Chechen despite angry comments by a Russian minister that the move was politically motivated and a challenge to Moscow.

Ministry Pens Draft Law To Counter Laundering

  • 06 February 01
  • Reuters
The Finance Ministry has prepared an anti-money laundering bill that will impose stricter monitoring of financial transactions, Kommersant reported Monday.

Exasperated Russia Changes Tactics in Chechnya

  • 15 December 00
  • Reuters
Russian generals, weary of cat-and-mouse clashes with Chechen guerrillas, said Friday they would take their troops out of the safety of army bases and deploy them in small contingents across the rebel region.

Parliament Opens Debate on State Symbols

  • 08 December 00
  • Reuters
Russia's parliament opened debate Friday on President Vladimir Putin's proposal to give the country a mixed bag of state symbols ranging from the tsarist eagle to the Stalin-era Soviet anthem.

Putin Sings Praises of Old-New Anthem

  • 28 November 00
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin wants Russians to resume humming Stalin's old anthem in the new millennium, but with words about a flying Russian eagle to replace the lines about the ""unbreakable"" Soviet Union.

Storm Hinders Divers at Kursk

  • 24 October 00
  • Reuters
A storm in the Barents Sea has forced Russian and Norwegian divers to suspend work on the Kursk.

Gunmen Free All Hostages at Hotel

  • 23 September 00
  • Reuters
Gunmen surrendered to police Friday after a day-long hostage drama in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, however officials said the entire incident may have been staged.

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