Articles by Svetlana Kovalyova

No СCrisisТ From Grain Export Ban

  • 06 September 10
  • Reuters
Russia's plan to extend its grain export ban destabilizes markets but does not bring closer a repeat of the 2007-08 food crisis, a senior United Nations economist said Friday.

Russia Mulls Paris Club Bonds

  • 17 September 04
  • Reuters
Russia is considering an offer to the Paris Club of creditor nations involving a swap of outstanding debt into bonds, a top Russian banker said Thursday.

Putin Supports UN Force in Iraq

  • 01 September 03
  • Reuters
Russia would support a decision to send a UN-sponsored international military force to Iraq, even under U.S. command, President Vladimir Putin said Saturday during an informal visit to Italy.

Pension Reform Hits Snag as Law Delayed

  • 14 September 01
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin faces a first blow to his ambitious plan of structural reforms.

Foreign Investors Hail Reform, Warn on Banks

  • 12 September 01
  • Reuters
Foreign investors insist that Russia's banks must be reformed to meet the country's economic needs.

Government Approves 2002 Budget

  • 22 August 01
  • Reuters
The government expects to be able to tackle urgent issues and pave the way for future growth next year.

Ministry Wants Forex Rule Scrapped by '04

  • 20 July 01
  • Reuters
Further liberalization of currency controls in Russia would help the government fight inflation.

Sibneft Surges 30% On Rumor Of Buyout

  • 13 July 01
  • Reuters
No. 6 oil major Sibneft surged Thursday after reports the firm had been sold to rival Surgutneftegaz.

WTO Entry Priority No. 1, Kudrin Tells G-7

  • 09 July 01
  • Reuters
Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin wasted no effort at the G-7 meeting of finance ministers in Rome to convince foreign officials the country should become a full trading partner.

Inflation Slows in June, Rises in First Half of Year

  • 06 July 01
  • Reuters
An inflation rise reaffirmed analysts' views that price rises were clouding an otherwise positive picture.

Ruble Hits New Low and Falling

  • 04 June 01
  • Reuters
Analysts have said the ruble needs to fall in order to keep Russia competitive and maintain growth.

Cabinet Backs Pension Revamp Bills

  • 14 May 01
  • Reuters
The government on Friday backed a host of bills that lay the ground for revamping the pensions system.

AvtoVAZ Still Waits To Close GM Deal

  • 18 April 01
  • Reuters
Top automaker AvtoVAZ said Tuesday it hoped next month to sign final agreements on a joint venture with General Motors and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

IMF, World Bank Warn Against Strong Ruble

  • 04 April 01
  • Reuters
The International Monetary Fund and World Bank said Tuesday that Russia, in order to keep its economy healthy, should prevent the ruble from strengthening too much.

Kremlin to Boost 2001 Privatization Revenues

  • 09 February 01
  • Reuters
The government aims to boost revenues by 15 billion rubles from the sale of state property this year.

Russia to Boost 2001 Privatisation Revenues

  • 09 February 01
  • Reuters
The Russian government, seeking extra cash to pay foreign debt, aims to boost revenues from the sale of state property by 15 billion roubles ($526 million) this year, a senior government official said Thursday.

AvtoVAZ Has Big Plans, Little Cash

  • 05 February 01
  • Reuters
Top automaker AvtoVAZ wants to launch new models and raise output but lacks strategic investors needed to implement ambitious multimillion-dollar projects, its chairman said in an interview.

Duma Calls for Loan to Cover Paris Club Debt

  • 24 January 01
  • Reuters
The government should service foreign debts with loans from the Central Bank according to Duma deputies.

Duma Sees Central Bank Loan as Debt Payment

  • 23 January 01
  • Reuters
A loan from Russia's central bank is the best way for the government to service its debt to the Paris Club of creditor nations, senior deputies in the State Duma lower house of parliament said Tuesday.

Ministry Vows No Paris Club Default

  • 16 December 00
  • Reuters
The government will not allow a default on its debt to the Paris Club of creditor nations and could revise its 2001 spending plans if no debt restructuring deal is reached.

Kudrin Warns of Slower Growth

  • 13 September 00
  • Reuters
The government has to speed up reforms that will lead to sustained growth, according to officials.

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