Articles by Anick Jesdanun

'Passwords-Plus' Help Thwart Internet Crooks

  • 03 June 04
  • The Associated Press
To access her bank account online, Marie Jubran opens a web browser and types in her Swedish national ID number along with a four-digit password.

File-Sharing Software Kicks Up Global Storm

  • 05 February 03
  • The Associated Press
Many legal experts believe Kazaa, the Internet's leading bazaar for sharing music and video, will soon be vanquished alongside its pioneering cousin, Napster.

Net Regulator Faces Overhaul

  • 26 June 02
  • The Associated Press
Though relatively few Internet users are even aware of the group, the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers has broad influence over the Internet's addressing system -- and thus over how people find web sites and send e-mail.

Encryption Faces New Hurdles

  • 24 April 02
  • The Associated Press
Companies producing encryption programs may have a difficult time convicing the general public that using unencrypted e-mail is as private as sending a postcard.

Companies Seek Online Security After Attacks

  • 03 October 01
  • The Associated Press
It took a completely offline, low-tech event to prompt a major re-evaluation of online security measures.

Attacks Open Encryption Debate

  • 26 September 01
  • The Associated Press
Debate is brewing over whether law enforcement should be given the keys to open scrambled messages.

U.S. Bill to Limit Steel Imports Killed

U.S. Agency Urged to Stop Tariffs