Articles by Cesar Chelala

Diabetes a Growing Problem in Russia

The prevalence of diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes, is rapidly increasing in most countries in the world.

Russia's Deadly Roads Are Harming Economy

An adequate road network is one of the necessary factors in the economic development of any country.

Russia Is Losing the Battle Against HIV

Russia has one of the world's most serious epidemics of intravenous drug use. UNAIDS reports that Russia has 2 million intravenous drug users (IDUs), 60 to 70 percent of whom have HIV-related illnesses.

Vodka Is Putin's Worst Enemy

As fear increases in the West about Russia's imperial ambitions, President Vladimir Putin has to confront his most powerful enemy at home Ч vodka Ч an addiction to which has a long history in the country and which has had a devastating effect on Russians' health and quality of life and on the country's economy and social fabric.

Counting the Costs of Ebola

Where have all the millions of dollars given to these countries by international institutions to improve their health systems gone?

Russia Needs to Start Looking After Its Health

Russia is seriously compromised by the relatively low health status of its population.

Stopping Sexual Abuse of Children

One of the worst tragedies of post-Soviet Russia has been the increase in child abuse, particularly child prostitution.

High Time for This Discussion

Along with an avalanche of presents and office parties with endless rounds of toasts, International Women's Day has also served as a catalyst for public discussion of women's issues in the country.

Taliban Deserves Ban