Articles by Yelena Vinogradova

Companies Unfreeze Education Budgets, Still Seek Value

Corporate expenditures on educating personnel have returned to pre-crisis levels, but that doesn't mean that companies are now ready to buy everything at once. Businesses continue to search out the most effective ways to raise the qualification and enthusiasm of their employees.

End of State Control Leaves MBA Market Uncertain

As of Jan. 1 this year, Russian business schools can no longer issue government-certified MBA diplomas to their graduates. The change comes out of a reform that will transfer the regulation of MBA programs from the government to civic organizations, which typically regulate such programs in the West.

Survey Says Not All Top Universities in Moscow

The best university in the country remains Moscow State University, or MGU, but it's not necessary to come to the capital to get one of the country's best classical educations: Universities in Tomsk and Novosibirsk ranked in the top five of the latest published rating.

Insurance Companies Might Inspect Vehicles

A working group under First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has drafted amendments to the bill concerning technical inspection of automobiles that would give the task to authorized service centers designated by a professional association of insurers selling mandatory auto insurance policies.

Mazda Plans Automobile Assembly in Far East

Mazda plans to begin assembly of its cars in Primorye, the region's government announced, making it the first foreign car manufacturer to start a production facility after the crisis.

Kiosks Reopen After Crackdown

Following an enthusiastic campaign to rid the city's streets of vendors, Moscow officials are blushing after it was discovered that no formal order to remove the kiosks was ever issued.

Prada Rents Space for 2 Moscow Stores

Italian fashion house Prada Group is planning to make an independent entrance onto the Russian market and has already leased two locations in Moscow to  house its boutiques.

Gruzdev Family Exiting Sedmoi Kontinent

State Duma Deputy Vladimir Gruzdev's family foundation will sell its share of food retailer Sedmoi Kontinent to entrepreneur Alexander Zanadvorov, booking a profit on the investment and freeing up funds to build affordable housing in the Moscow region.

Putin's Ride Boosts Ripe-Lemon Kalina Sales

AvtoVAZ is starting production of a bright yellow Lada Kalina Sport Ч just like the one Prime Minister Vladimir Putin used for his road trip on the Amur highway at the end of August.

Transportation Tax May Be Tied to Emissions

The Industry and Trade Ministry wants to stimulate new car purchases by raising the transportation tax for vehicles that don't meet Euro 4 emissions standards Ч in some cases even doubling the rate, Vedomosti has learned.

McDonald's Keeps 1 Ruble Rental Rate

The Moscow Region's Federal Arbitration Court repealed two lower-level court decisions in favor of the city's property department against Moskva-Makdonalds, one of the chain's franchisees.

Customs Union May Unleash Flood of Cars

From January to June, Belarussian citizens may import hundreds of thousands of cars to resell in Russia after the borders open.

Dealers Fear Flood of Cars Imported Via Belarus

From January to June, Belarussian citizens may import hundreds of thousands of cars to resell in Russia after the borders are opened, Alexei Tereshchenko, strategy director at the Russian and Belarussian dealership Atlant-M, said Friday.

Demand for Apartments Up, Firms Say

The trend could be linked to the deep discounts many realtors are currently offering because of the recession.

Khristenko Plots СShadowТ War

Plans are in the works to close dozens of markets like Cherkizovsky in order to prop up light industry.

Used Cars Checked for Pests at Border

An agriculture watchdog is looking in tires for moths, worms and beetles.

Metalloinvest Buys Into Hotels

The Moscow-based Metalloinvest-Market group has acquired stakes in two hotels in St. Petersburg for $6.6 million as part of its plans to open economy-class hotels in both cities.

Moscow Region Chases Out the City's Builders

The Moscow region's government is trying to limit the appearance of certain types of apartment buildings, built by Moscow construction companies, in the region.

City Hall Blocks Kremlin Building

Construction of the planned Kremlyovsky shopping, office and hotel center on Red Square hit an unexpected snag last week

Exhibitions Are Following Retailers Out of Town

A new trend toward out-of-town exhibition centers could come just in time for Moscow exhibition organizers as they face a space squeeze.

City Plans to Relocate Factories From Center

City Hall is putting a stop to the ongoing uncontrolled conversion of industries in the city center.

Hot Fight Brewing Between Mc, Mac

The owners of the MacCoffee brand have challenged the right of McDonald's Russia to the similar sounding McCafe logo as the former prepares to launch a chain of coffee shops in Moscow.

Stockmann Teams Up With IKEA

Finland's Stockmann Group has signed a lease with IKEA to open a department store in IKEA's Mega Mall in the southern suburb of Tyoply Stan and another one in Khimki.

U.S. Studio Joins 'Nastya' Project

Columbia Pictures said it would invest $500,000 into a Russian television series about the trials and tribulations of a poor Russian serf girl to be aired in both Russia and the West.

Adidas Opens Its Biggest Store

Inspired by last year's Russian sales, Germany's Adidas-Salomon AG opened its largest outlet to date last week in Moscow's refurbished Olimp center.

Songwriters Beat LG in Fight Over Karaoke

Russian songwriters have emerged victorious in a four-year battle with South Korea's LG Electronics.

Perekryostok Buys Stake in City's Historic GUM

Supermarket chain Perekryostok has bought an undisclosed stake in GUM and plans to boost its holding in the historic Moscow retail center.

Homeless Exploited in $100,000 Credit Scam

Four members of a criminal gang have been accused of swindling Russky Standart bank out of $100,000 after persuading alcoholics and vagrants to register for credit to buy home appliances.

Potanin Backs Mikhalkov Chain

Vladimir Potanin, head of the Interros group, has teamed up with film director Nikita Mikhalkov in a $40 million project to open a national chain of movie theaters over the next few years.

3-D Movies Returning to Moscow

This winter Muscovites will be able to don a pair of specialized goggles, shell out a hefty wad of rubles, and watch a movie in 3-D.