Articles by Michael Powell

L.A. Times Takes 5 From Pulitzer Board

  • 07 April 04
  • The Washington Post
The Los Angeles Times on Monday won five Pulitzer Prizes, the most for any newspaper this year, in categories ranging from breaking news to feature photography, and Washington Post foreign correspondent Anthony Shadid won a Pulitzer for international reporting for his coverage of the Iraq war and its uncertain aftermath.

Belarus, Latvia Porn Ring Busted

  • 19 January 04
  • The Washington Post
U.S. federal officials said Thursday that they have broken open a global child-pornography ring showing images from web sites run out of Belarus and Latvia that probably has tens of thousands of paying customers in the United States.

2 Top N.Y. Times Editors Quit

  • 09 June 03
  • The Washington Post
Two of the most powerful figures in U.S. journalism, New York Times executive editor Howell Raines and managing editor Gerald M. Boyd, have resigned after two reporting scandals that called into question the judgment of the leadership of the nation's most influential newspaper.

Experts Fear Bioterror Could Widen

  • 02 November 01
  • The Washington Post
Public health officials scrambled Wednesday to investigate the mysterious infection and death of a New York woman from inhalation anthrax, as experts warned Americans that the wave of bioterrorism could expand in coming days.

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