Articles by Marina Sysoyeva

Defiant Kuchma Meets With His Foes

  • 26 September 02
  • The Associated Press
Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma met Wednesday with opposition lawmakers who had occupied part of his administration building, but he did not cede ground on their demands to step down or call new elections.

Kuchma Refuses to Meet Opposition

  • 19 September 02
  • The Associated Press
Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma has refused to meet with opposition representatives demanding his resignation, intensifying the country's growing political conflict, an opposition leader said Wednesday.

Police Break Up Anti-Kuchma Rally

  • 18 September 02
  • The Associated Press
Several thousand riot police armed with shields and rubber truncheons destroyed a tent camp and evicted protesters near Ukraine's presidential office before dawn on Tuesday.

U.S. Slaps Sanctions On Kiev for Piracy

  • 24 January 02
  • The Associated Press
U.S. trade sanctions imposed on Ukraine to combat CD piracy could cost the country $470 million annually.

Ukraine Destroys Nuke Facilities

  • 01 November 01
  • The Associated Press
Ukraine destroyed its last nuclear missile silo on Tuesday, fulfilling the nation's pledge to give up the vast nuclear arsenal it inherited after the breakup of Soviet Union.

Ukraine Defense Minister Knew Missile Hit Airliner

  • 22 October 01
  • The Associated Press
Ukraine's Defense Minister admitted that he has no doubts that a Ukrainian missile downed flight Tu-154.

Rescuers Call Off Grisly Mine Search

  • 21 August 01
  • The Associated Press
Rescue workers halted their search for survivors in a coal mine in eastern Ukraine after a methane gas explosion killed at least 36 miners on Sunday.

Pope Draws One Million At Farewell Lviv Address

  • 28 June 01
  • The Associated Press
About a million believers welcomed Pope John Paul II at an open-air religious celebration Wednesday.

Russia and Ukraine Agree on Joint Black Sea Post

  • 19 January 01
  • The Associated Press
Russia's Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev agreed with his Ukrainian counterpart Thursday to create a joint observation post in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol - a city that remains a key source of friction between the two neighbors.

Ukraine Thwarts Plot To Assassinate Putin

  • 13 September 00
  • The Associated Press
Ukraine's security chief claimed that his security agents foiled an attempt to kill Putin.

Land Reform Quietly Remaking Ukraine's Farms

Foreign Businessmen Slam Ukraine Investment Climate

World Bank Mulls $1.5Bln Loan Package for Ukraine

Chernobyl Worker Leaves To Avoid Y2K Uncertainty

Chernobyl Plant Restarted Despite Western Criticism