Articles by Joe Adamov

All About Prostitution, Archeology in Armenia

Harry Whitworth of London wrote this week saying he had heard that prostitution is widespread in Russia.

Olympic Achievement, Diamonds and Lenin

Maurice and Lynette Quinn of New Zealand congratulate Russia’s achievements in the Olympic Games.

Aviation History Tidbits And Perception of U.S.

People have an image of pre-Revolutionary Russia as a backward agricultural society. But that's not so.

On Low Wages, Smokes And Country’s Climate

What has shocked me the most in the past year? The fact that a cleaning woman earns $6.70 a month.

Our National Anthem, Mafia, Anti-Semitism

We've been hearing our new national anthem frequently enough over the last couple of weeks.

The Results and Roots Of War in Chechnya

George Abraham asked a question that is on the mind of many Russians: When will the war in Chechnia end?

Nazis Near Moscow, Helpful Tsars, Tunnels

Hitler's army stood at the doors of Moscow in 1941 and then suffered a major defeat from the Russia.

Some Hard Facts About Life in the Soviet Period

One of the biggest stories coming out of this country today is what is happening with our economy.

Gun-Related Crimes, Monsters and Big Bells

William Kerr, of Halifax, Canada, asked specifically for statistics on gun-related crimes.

Listeners, Like Readers, Thirst for Kursk News

Some of our listeners expressed profound concern for our men in the nuclear submarine Kursk.

KGB and Jurassic Park, Gorbie and Lend-Lease

William Kerr of Halifax, Nova Scotia, was interested in a couple of things related to the KGB.

New Plane, Gershwin And Beer's Popularity

After July's Concorde crash, Canadian William Kerr asked about the new supersonic Tupolev airliner.

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