Articles by Tom Birchenough

2Morrow to Screen TodayТs Finest Films

The experimental film festival, which features radical Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky as jury president, will run for four days at the Pioneer and 35MM theaters.

Russian Films Rule Roost at Moscow Film Festival

Director Nikolai Dostal takes the Gold St. George Award for 'Pete on the Way to Heaven' as the festival comes to a close.

Healing Moscow Film Fest Showcases Young, Old

The Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) that opens Friday will give the local film world a chance to calm down after its recent financial and political turmoil.

Russia Today? Classic Sci-fi Story Stays Relevant

New Year cinema sets off with a bang in Fyodor Bondarchuk's ""The Inhabited Island."" Following the success (unexpected, in some ways) of his debut work, the Afghan war drama ""Company 9"" from 2005, expectations of his new project were bound to be high.

The Arthouse Boom

Festival favorites ""Shultes"" and ""Wild Field"" bested blockbusters this year.

One Steppe Beyond

"The Gift of Stalin" shows the cruelty of the Soviet regime in Kazakhstan.

Nurse, Syringe Please

""Morphia"" empathetically follows a provincial doctor's fall into addiction.

The Glamorous Life

In the parody ""Platon,"" Moscow high society is under the spotlight - again.

Thrilling, Killing Ghost

Karen Oganesyan makes a modern Russian noir film with a sense of humor.

A Hazy History

New film ""Paper Soldier"" recalls the lead-up to the first manned space flight.

A Bet That Goes Wrong

A man's life is put at stake in an adaptation of the Chekhov story ""Pari.""

Moscow's Mean Girls

The debut film from 23-year-old director Valeria Gai Germanika depicts the dark, tumultuous lives of three teenage Russian girls.

New Wave in Moscow

Director Abel Ferrara will head the jury at the four day ""2Tomorrow2"" festival.

Seasons of the Heart

First-time director Mokritsky takes a profound look at Russia today.

New Look at an Admiral

A Russian blockbuster takes a revisionist look at Admiral Kolchak.

Not Just Hollywood

Amfest is showing a different side of the American film industry. Tom Birchenough reports.

Far From the City

Shagalova's film is a bleak but realistic portrayal of small town Russia.

Emotions in the Ring

While ""Stonehead"" is a subtle and unexpected film, the same cannot be said of the new, inappropriate Russian comedy ""Hitler Kaput.""

Discovering Home Truths

Kirill Serebrennikov's new film ""Yury's Day,"" takes the viewer on a last journey to provincial Russia with an opera singer, Lyubov, and her son.

Plot Missing in Action

It's unclear whether ""D-Day,"" an action-packed romp across the continent, takes itself seriously. Let's hope for its own sake it doesn't.

The Other Caucasus War

Alexei Uchitel returns to the subject of the Chechen wars with a sensitive look at two Russian soldiers and their Chechen captive.

Big Isn't Always Best

УTerra NovaФ proves a disappointing attempt at a blockbuster, while УClosed SpacesФ is a funny, quirky black comedy shot on a small budget.

Uncovering The Past

Filmmaker Stuart Urban retraces his father's story of survival and mystery. Tom Birchenough reports.

Moscow's Mean Streets

Bakur Bakuradze's first feature film ""Shultes"" has won local and international acclaim.

From Home and Abroad

The 30th Moscow International Film Festival stakes its claim as a top event in the movie world. Tom Birchenough reports.

A Road Less Traveled

Jonathan Dimbleby examines Russia's traditions, stereotypes and politics in his book and television series for the BBC. Tom Birchenough reports.

Local Films From Abroad

Sergei Bodrov announces new film projects at Cannes.

Love on the Isle of Lesbos

British director Robert Crombie's new film, ""Sappho,"" heads for Russia after a storm in Ukraine. Tom Birchenough reports.

Love on the Isle of Lesbos

British director Robert Crombie's new film, ""Sappho,"" heads for Russia after a storm in Ukraine. Tom Birchenough reports.

Lessons From the Past

Directors turn to Soviet history in two films aimed at young audiences.