Articles by Brian Arengi

Lovable English Bulldog Takes Spotlight Online

The English Bulldogs web site has everything an English bulldog lover could want from cyberspace.

Calling All Lapins: There's a Place for You on the Internet

Alexander Lapin created his web site at with one purpose in mind: to unite all Lapins.

Get Airline Catalogues Without Taking a Trip

Even if you are nowhere near an airplane, you can still browse for booze, toys and perfume in Russia's in-flight magazines.

Spoonman Puts Spotlight On His Favorite Silverware

Lozhkin was inspired to create his web site while drinking tea and admiring the spoon next to his glass.

Things Get Surreal at World of Salvador Dali

If you thought the Russian Internet was already quite surreal, try clicking on

Don't Pay a Cent at Site for Freebies is just the site for those people who love to get something, or even anything, for free.

Rikishi Hit the Dohyo at Russian Sumo Site

Sumo is coming to Moscow this weekend, and for those who don't know much about it, there's a place on the Russian Internet to start learning.

Flying Saucers Land at Ukrainian Web Site

UFO's exist and they must be studied, according to Yury Korzhenevsky, the driving force behind the UFOs and Secret Projects web site.

Truth Seekers Flock to Give Mystical Komi Twins a Flip

Sergei Teterin has brought the ancient beliefs of the Komi people online with the Twins web site.

Well-Stocked Site Serves Up Mixture of Imbibing Ideas

Claiming to have 4,314 recipes, this site is tailored to those still in search of the perfect cocktail.

Earthbound Aliens Meet Up Online

Aliens who read Russian can visit the Alien Club, set up as a forum for visiting extraterrestrials.

Going From Barroom to Barbershop

After starting up her own male grooming salon in 1998, Tamara Perree has since expanded her operations, and offers Moscow's image-conscious exectutives a little bit of luxury.

A Sri Lankan Tea Taster Who Beat the Odds

Merrill Fernando heads one of the most successful tea companies in the world.

Your Next Visit to the Dentist Won't Hurt a Bit

Before you take the step to seeing a dentist, you first need to pick one. Never an easy task given the wide variety of dental nationalities and specialties on offer in Moscow.

Study Reveals RuNet Demographics

A new survey is shedding some demographic light on the late-blooming Russian Internet and its surfers.

Sovintel, Vimpelcom Offer FMC

Sovintel and Vimpelcom have teamed up in an attempt to boost their share of the corporate market.