Articles by Patricia Heffernan

Kursk Model Display Stirs Emotions

The Okhotny Ryad shopping complex has asked retailers K. Mozer to keep a hand-carved model of the ill-fated Kursk submarine out of their display window.

Benetton Buy Lures Tverskaya Clothes Mavens

Benetton is expanding its list of megastores with a new one in Moscow. The Italian-based retailer has purchased a chunk of prime retail space at No. 19 on Tverskaya Ulitsa.

Yan-Ron Rejuvenates CapitalТs Faded Grandeur

Moscow is an old city aging fast and Muscovites have grown accustomed to the sight of neglected pre-Revolutionary buildings haphazardly draped in green netting.

Europay Seeks to Boost Card Security

Europay has launched an ambitious new security system to protect its customers' account information.

PR Firm Joins With 11 Regional Affiliates

A Moscow-based PR agency is set to delve into the regions to help spiff up clients' provincial images.

GfK's Thain Playing to a Middle-Class Market

Greg Thain of GfK Market Research Russia says middle-class Russians Ч not the oligarchs Ч own most of the nation's cash and they are waiting for the green light to reinvest. Portal Makes Web Debut

One of the country's largest publishing houses continued its virtual voyage into uncharted waters.

MTS Joins Wireless Web Race

The race to bring high-speed wireless Internet access to Russia is on.

NEWS ANALYSIS: TV Remains Ad World King

Visa to Open Local Office, Improve Card Security

Insurer, Major Bank Combine Strength

Insurer, Major Bank Combine Strength

Duma Dilutes Cabinet's Tax Plans

NTV-Plus to Carry Bloomberg Television in English

City Signs $28.2M Ikarus Bus Deal

Airport Unveils Swank Terminal

President Backs Liberal Tax Proposals

Giant Emerald City to Have Everything But Oz

Cabinet Plan Lays Siege to Liberal Tax Code

Moscow City Paves Way for Land Sales

BMW: Born to Be Wild(ly Pricey)

Lancome Faces the Middle Class

The 1998 crash was supposed to have killed off Russia's emerging middle class. But the rumors of the demise of the Russian bourgeoisie were seemingly much exaggerated, judging by the burgeoning crowd of international firms piling into Russia with business plans based on the reemergence of the middle class. In a month that saw firms like Fiat, IKEA and Jacuzzi raise their profiles, international cosmetics firm Lancome also opened a new Moscow outlet - its first exclusive boutique in Russia. ""Looking at Russia, so much depends on the emergence of a strong middle class and strong distributors. I'm confident that the Russian people will astonish us - they're so adaptable."" That is how Remi Lugagne, head of international development at Lanc?me, explained his company's outlook on Russia. During a recent interview, Lugagne said Lancome's growth in Russia is hindered in the short term by many factors, which is precisely why the company prefers taking a long-term view.

Banging the Drum for CIS Telecoms Provider

Jacuzzi Whirls Back to Moscow Market

IKEA Ads Cross Metro's Moral Line

WHAT IS TO BE DONE?: Advertising Tax Laws Put Breaks on Business

Office Pricing Puts Moscow in Top 10

Mayor Singles Out 24 Women Stars

Mass Media Urged to Help Raise Federal Tax Collection

'Reciprocal' VAT Plan Frustrates Moscow Embassies