Articles by Yelena Yevstigneyeva

Beer Ad Has Solodovs Frothing

A storm of attention has been unleashed to the surname of Solodov: Over the last week billboards have popped up all over the city sporting the slogan, ""Solodov, I want you!""

Unilever Starts Food Fight Over Viennetta Trademark

Consumer goods giant Unilever, owner of the Viennetta brand, is taking legal action against Metelitsa for trademark infringement over the Moscow firm's Venetsiya ice cream.

Call For State Caviar Monopoly

The presidential representative for the North Caucasus Federal District said a state monopoly should be introduced on the export and processing of black caviar from 2001.

Bidding Battle Begins for Sugar Imports

More than 60 applicants, including fuel and energy companies, were received by Monday’s deadline from firms wanting to participate in auctions for quotas to import cane sugar.

Italian Firm Plugging Into Home Appliances

This year the domestic appliances market finally came to after the crisis of 1998, which saw the market’s volume reduced by 40 percent.

Forecast Lowers Grain Prices

Grain prices have fallen in anticipation of a good domestic harvest this year.

Glut, Cheap Imports Hit Rice Industry

White Goods Makers To Manufacture Locally

St. Pete Brewery to Open Pub, Sell Beer in Capital

Regions Move Into Ice Cream Market