Articles by Boris Safronov

Growing Up With the Russian Stock Market

Yevgeny Yuryev, founder and president of the Aton investment bank, began doing business when the Russian stock market was formed, and he's grown up alongside it.

Central Bank Forms Net Division

In preparation to regulate banking operations on the Internet, the Central Bank has created a special division within its department for prudential monitoring of banks.

Russian Banks Loan Industry $31Bln in 9 Months

Data provided by the Yunikon/MC agency shows that loans to industry are currently one of the principal activities of local banks.

FSC to Monitor Foreign Shareholders

The Federal Securities Commission says it is going to insist on being informed when foreigners buy shares in local companies.

Oil, Gas Tsars Slam FSC Code

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, head of oil major Yukos, and Pyotr Rodionov, deputy chairman of the board of Gazprom, have scorned the creation of a corporate governance code.

MinFin Looks to Scrap Forex Taxation

The Finance Ministry is preparing a draft law to reform the present tax system on hard currency purchases and securities transactions.

Brokerage Faces Probe Over UES Stock Fixing

The NAUFOR shareholder rights group has begun an investigation into Brunswick UBS Warburg.

Registrar Panorama Plans to Buy Competitor

Finance Ministry to Issue New GKOs

Court Ruling Favors Holders of MinFins

Forex Tax Bill Sent To Duma