Articles by Maxim Kashulinsky

Siberian Aluminum Team to Run Automaker GAZ

With Siberian Aluminum's new status as the largest shareholder in automaker GAZ, Viktor Belyayev, vice president of the aluminum firm, has been appointed GAZ general director.

Norilsk Shares Plunge On Share Swap News

Shares in Norilsk Nickel fell 3.99 percent Tuesday to $7.83 after Monday's announcement of a share swap.

Pan Am Silver Settles Dukat Deposit Fight

The long, bitter struggle for control of the world's third-largest silver deposit has ended peacefully.

Aksyonenko to Transfer Control of Rail Tariffs

The Railways Ministry plans to voluntarily turn over responsibility for rail freight tariffs to the Anti-Monopoly Ministry, according to reform plans obtained by Vedomosti.

Board Picks Bendukidze As Director at Uralmash

MDM Group Acquires Metal Factory

Investor Risks Losing Dukat Mine License

Steel Giants Join Together In New Metals-Trading Web Site

Vanadium Producer Faces Bankruptcy Proceedings